View Full Version : Adam West Batmobile For Sale - Original Working Car - $75000

07-31-2007, 07:52 AM

Original ADAM WEST Batmobile made from original molds and designed as a STUDIO car for a theme park/back lot attraction.

THIS IS A Full fuctional car! This is not a toy but a one of a kind collector's item that will go to the first offer.

This piece is MINT and is ready for a new home.

The Batmobile has a heavy duty FIBERGLASS shell which makes up the whole body. There is a working car underneith.

Inside has all the gadegst, buttons and etc that you'd expect. This car is one of the finest pieces in our personal, multi million dollar collection of Film Cars that we have bought and produced for theme parks and motion pictures.

If interested, please e-mail. We will accept a business/personal check for this transaction or a wire transfer. The price includes shipping to your location. Please allow a couple weeks for delivery. We will ONLY DO SHOWINGS to SERIOUS BUYERS WHOM ARE WILLING TO PURCHASE THE DAY OF THE SHOWING.

Good luck!

08-04-2007, 12:14 AM
This post is a scam. This person does not own this vehicle and is not representing the owner of the vehicle.