View Full Version : Louisville Haunted Attraction FREE Online Game - Pretty Cool!

08-04-2007, 10:22 AM
Hey everyone! Wanted to tell you about a free online haunt game on a Louisville Halloween attraction website. It is really high quality and a lot of fun! It is basically letting you play a haunted game called a ghost run from the comfort of your home! If you don't know what a ghost run is, this will definitely lay out exactly what it is. There's a surprise in store too! Not to mention it's FREE! :D

Here's the site, check it out! http://www.dangerrun.com/virtual-danger-run/

Plus! You can win a really cool prize if you send it to all of your friends! So, that is a definite benefit as well!

Here's the site again: http://www.dangerrun.com/virtual-danger-run/