View Full Version : 20' Frankenstein statue must go before Labor Day!

08-12-2007, 10:23 PM
Still have the 20' Frankenstein statue for sale. Asking $8,500, $3K more to convert to hooded, faceless Reaper would be wicked cool!

HERE'S THE NEW DEAL!!! Asking now only $6,000 PLUS free delivery within 500 miles of St Paul, MN. Delivery will go up in increments of $300 for each additional 500 miles. Not likely to get delivery deal that good unless you come get it yourself: will consider good offer if that's the case. PA haunts, ask for even better deal on delivery (picking up new equipment there when Franky sells). Reaper conversion only $2,500 New fiberglass statues being made starting at $1,000 PER FOOT. A 20 foot Franky for only 6 Grand? What a deal!!! A brand-new Reaper for only $8,500? an even better deal!!!

Paper trained, doesn't chew the furniture or shed, quiet, afraid of fire and villagers with pitchforks. Good with children, unless they run out of flowers - then he throws 'em in the lake! Perfect for homes with 22' ceilings.
Seriously, I am ready to deal, need the room for new projects.
Haunting season just about here now!
Feel free to contact me for more detailed info, pictures or other projects/props for sale. I do create ALL my own props/haunts from my own twisted little imagination, so you're sure to get something NO ONE ELSE HAS!!!!!