View Full Version : A different type of fan.

Jim Warfield
08-13-2007, 07:59 AM
"We were here just two weeks ago." The Father said as he paid me for six tickets.
It was Dad, Mom and daughters all teenagers. It wasn't until the kitchen, the second room that I realised I had some new fans with sort of a different outlook(possibly?)
In the middle of my one routine the Mother suddenly bent way down and let out sort of a scream/laugh and then said, "This is So Odd!" meaning me and what I was doing, which is meant to be a quick little story that progresses past anything normal and can become scary for at least one victim in that room.
I controlled myself ("The show must go on!") but inside I was laughing too, at this unusual reaction because it was actually quite a compliment that must have struck a nerve in her mind to make her blurt out as she did.
Mister Tuxedo (the Spokhouse Cat) really doesn't control my mind...I think?
We all do have a lot of fun here though, and many of them come back to experience it AGAIN!