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08-15-2007, 10:46 AM
Hello gang,

The press release hit the wires this morning, so by now some of you already know. This year Shocktoberfest is unveiling brand new technology never before seen in the entertainment theme park industry: Text2Scream (tm)

The technology was developed by a company called incliq media, and integrates with the computer systems running the special effects in our attractions.

Customers can use their mobile phones to interact with a scene and control the scares. For example, a group of unsuspecting folks are strolling down the midway eating french fries and not paying attention. One press of a button on your phone and you send props hurling through the air at them. Then stand back and enjoy the aftermath.

Very hot and like I said, never before done anywhere.

Visit our site for more information and if you're in the Pennsylvania area come on out and have fun!


08-15-2007, 12:02 PM
Sounds great!!! How does it help your business or make you money??


08-15-2007, 12:31 PM
Hi Larry,

This has never been done before in our industry, or the theme park industry as a whole. Sure we've all seen text messaging before but incliq media's software takes it to a new level by making our attractions interactive using the standard mobile phone.

It's huge!

The vast majority of our customers all have their mobile phones in hand. Now they have the power to scare others on the midway and interact with us in the new Club Shock attraction. Think of your mobile phone as a remote control and you start to see the possibilities for our industry. And it's free for the customers and can be sponsored by third parties, which create a revenue stream aside from the overwhelming buzz this sort of thing generates.

We've had a really good response from the press about this and the press release only hit the wires 8 hours ago. It's huge because it marries our industry with the mobile phone, which has become a large part of teenager's lives now-a-days.

Give Pat a call and hopefully you can stop by Shocktoberfest this year to really see how all of this comes together!



08-19-2007, 03:30 PM
Actually I had some people try to get me to do this last year... but I didn't really understand what the benefit was to my attraction. I for one do not text people much, and when I get them on my phone if ever I delete them.

Through my phone I can't remember ever getting more than a handfull of text messages advertising something and if I did I just erased it. So I don't really understand what you're offering and how its going to help my business.

Please shed more light.


08-19-2007, 06:10 PM
As I see it, I do not text that much either....BUT...

the new generation of kids and people attending haunts do. ALOT! Most kids or young adults will text before they even call someone up. If you did a survey at any mall, movie theater or places where the majority of your customers are coming from, they mostly text. Its just the way society has gone.

I agree though Larry, I don't use it much ever. But its not what we use, its whatwill generate the buzz, the hype and make your customers feel that they are interacting. It will be the most talked about feature in that area and I can bet many young adults will be using it all the time.

As for how to make $$. Im not sure how they have it set up. But I guess you could do like I have done for clients and there is a standard text fee, and out of that you get a percentage ina pre-arranged agreement. We used that kind of strategy for an interactive text contest at a baseball stadium during the game.

Not saying Im right, not saying Im wrong, but hey its my thoughts. hahaha.

Greg Chrise
08-19-2007, 09:20 PM
The article said that texts are free to the customer (if I read it right) and most have already paid a $20 per month service fee to have this feature. But, then what happens? So if there is revenue it comes from that already placed service in time alotment, the service normally costs 10 cents per text from both the sender and the reciever.

There are phone text addresses on every prop and actor shock collar? People looking down at phones and pushing buttons while being whisked through hallways by groups? Or certainly the que area program is interactive a bit. Then there is a direct scare and a $200 phone flying through the air. My mom says you are going to have to pay for THAT!

You have an LED display where you can write "Bobby sucks" for the crowd in line.

With every major crowd control infraction and trampled victim you just raked in about 2 cents? I love it.

I'm sort of kidding and sort of not. What does Interactive mean and how can the monkeys being in control of the zoo be done responsibly?

Can you text back? Michell, we know where you are and see next text....you are going to die?

08-25-2007, 11:28 PM
It doesn't work on text messaging (SMS) technology. To get in that game you're looking at thousands of dollars per month for the SMS short code, the aggregator service, and whatnot. Not to mention pennies for each message.

Instead, this is a tiny java application that runs on the phones and talks with our servers. No cost for anyone involved, assuming the end-user has a network plan, which most kids do, because it's typically bundled with text messaging plans.

Our midway has scarezones placed throughout. You can stand on the midway and watch people walk through a scarezone, push a button, and watch the scare take place.

In Club Shock, a new attraction this year, you can text up to the big tv screens (no led's here), and your messages are rendered in real-time in front of sponsorship backgrounds.

The entire system consists of several pieces of technology. The mobile phone application (branded and custom of course), the server software, the client software that talks to the PLC's throughout the property, and the 3D software that renders the real-time messages to the screen (and sponsorship messages).

All patent-pending of course :)