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08-16-2007, 07:43 AM
So, here's the situation:

Our haunt is made from a bunch of trailers, in the second trailer we want to have it like a parlor of an old hotel. I want to make the walls look like an old mansion, with the wood paneling 2 or 3 feet up (wayne's coating is it?) and the ripped, old wallpaper, with wood paneling under it. My problem is the walls are metal, there is no wood paneling under it. Any special painting techniques you guys have tried? Is there a way of painting wallpaper w/ stencils?Any websites that have good pictures, or how to? Thanks

Kevin Dells
08-19-2007, 05:46 PM
Metal walls are the toughest walls to work with hands down so be patient.

If i had a bare metal wall to start with this is how i would go about it.

First and foremost you will have to prime it with a paint such as kilz,no way you can just paint it striaght it will chip,peel and well.. just be a pain in the arse coverage wise.

After the primecoat the most inexpensive way i can think of off hand is paint the whole wall brown. From there go with a stripe at waist level a silver or gold looks more mansion like just for a suggestion. Now on the bottom half take a dilutted black and lightly use a very large paintbrush dip it into the black but dab it onto a peice of extra plywood or cardboard to take off most of the excess. Then bush from the strip down and the bottom up to create a wood grain

Once your done with that process i would either pick a rich color such as a mustard yellow or dark burgundy paint and paint the upper half. Keep in mind you do have to tape off the stripe OR you could paint the stripe last but pick a line in the middle to divide the two.

You can try wallpaper but i really dont think it will take to metal well,consult somebody that knows the product at home depot or a hardware store so thats why im suggesting to paint it. At any store such as the Depot they do have sponge stamps. Even on our wood panel walls it was much cheaper and less time consuming to paint and stencil over wallpapering.

My final addition would be to distress the walls with multi colors of paint in spray bottles very diluted of course using blacks browns greys mustards and dark greens for that errie look.

I am going to see if i can find a hallway i had done for a freind at his haunt and post it for you,not sure if the pictures even available.

08-19-2007, 06:08 PM
Actually you could use wall paper. we used wallpaper over osb plywood wich is very rough. we used wallpaper adhesive and it worked very well. I'm sure it would stick to metal if it sticks to plywood.