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08-19-2007, 04:27 PM
I'm the director this year of a nonprofit haunted house, and we are, well, tight on the budget, and already got all the donations we can. Does anyone know of any good places that you can get cool stuff free for haunted house? For example, I think you can get free styrofoam sheets at furniture stores in their dumpsters. Any other ideas like that that anyone had used before would be highly appreciated. Thanks.


Kevin Dells
08-19-2007, 05:03 PM

A few things come to mind.

Plywood and 2x4's cut offs most builders will let you take if there in dumpsters.

Stop by a contractors office, tell him your non for profit, and possibly offer to hang his companys signage or poster at your entrance in exchange for rights to dumpster dive.

Other things i have found while dumpster diving.
Black perforated drain pipe with the white silt sleeve,this is awesome to hang against a wall and pump fog through!

If it's a bigger house they sometimes use a chrome colored sleeve about 12"s in diameter to run heating and cooling into the upstairs bedrooms. I found many 10 foot cut offs of this that iadded to a few of our doctors rooms over head for set dressing. Bounce a strobe off it and it becomes a very cool effect.

In some of the bigger new subdivisions people just moving in will dump there not wanted things into the construction dumpsters during the weekend, a early trip on monday usually results in some nice finds,clothing (possible costuming?) I found many paintings and house decor(dosent match the new house decor,toss it!) Golf bags, drum sets, bicycles, fans, you name it!

Another thought would be and iv'e mentioned this in previous posts, if your near the country and theres an old fallen down barn or storage building,knock on the door and offer to take it in exchange for the wood. Three years ago i found the mother load of beams and wood but the owner was an 87 year old woman that had no funds to have it removed and the city was threathening to cite her for it,she was overjoyed we helped her and we had so much distressed wood it was coming out our ears! Keep in mind this will require spraying of a flame retardent as it is old and dry! We also ended up with about 100 sheets of tin roof already beautifully distressed.

Carpet tubes the carpet company's get rolls in, they throw them out! We got hundreds of them for free,painted them white and then striped them with brown for our forest. Instant birch tree's.

damon carson
08-22-2007, 01:23 PM
Salvation army, help centers, you could talk to these people. Maybe work out a small donation from the haunt in exchange for clothing, shoes, miscellaneous items like furniture, lamps, sound systems or radios. Books just about anything you think you could use in a haunted house. Never hurts to try, and then when all fails dumpster dive. Dont always think about buying everything you need either. I always find stuff and then turn it from what it is into something that looks haunted. Good luck and have fun!