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08-20-2007, 05:29 AM
Hello all,

I was wondering if you guys had any good ideas on ways to entertain the waiting line. We really havenít done anything in the past, but play some sort of music for um... This year I am wanting to set up a system outside hooked with mics, etc (kinda lika DJ) So I can interact with the crowd and play music, etc.. I was thinking something along the line of doing Horror Trivia, Questions, facts, etc.... Any ideas or good things to use to interact with the crowd to make their wait time seem less???

08-20-2007, 06:39 AM
"Plant" victims in your que line! Have a zombie or werewolf come in and snatch a "patron" out of line! Good acting will be a must-have a male and female couple planted in the line-the female is "freaked out" and the male is trying to convince her it is just a "haunted house", etc.... about that time have werewolf come running up and pick her up and run off with her-the male starts screaminfg for security, etc....pretty unsettling!

Or have a group of xombies come lumbering up and do the same thing! Somewhere near the end of the haunt have the "victim" reappear in a scene showing his or her demise to tie it in!

08-20-2007, 09:56 AM
we will be buying the cue line DVD from Elswarro and showing it on a large wall with a projector.

we have also played with the idea of having a booth or station setup on the exit for people to have a screaming contest.
The thought was to have a video camera and Mic running to catch the screams for use inside our haunt and on promo videos.

08-20-2007, 12:09 PM
Thoase are all good and will be considered.. WOW.. Thanks! ... Anymore folks?

Kevin Dells
08-20-2007, 05:42 PM
On the same not as wolfie.

Using plants in lines is really fun but heres a twist to it if you can find identical twins to work your haunt.

Have one of your twins in plain clothes get in line with a group, nearby you will need an exit into a backstage area (this could be a coffin that the back side leads out through a trap door)
So you have this girl or guy standing in the que line (tell her be obnoxiously scared to draw attention to herself) Then you have a couple of monsters grab her as she screams and kicks as they haul her into the coffin or other facade. (must be big enough for at least the two of them fit in) Then have them exit after the front door is closed through the back where in turn the twin in full make up but not so much they look too different comes out seconds later to face the crowd.

You could dress it off with a strobe mounted inside and fog rolling out after they take the first victim in.
The key to this is to be fast with the switch so patrons can't hardly believe the change happened that fast.

We used two twin girls around 12 years old at the time,both were very pretty and had butt length black hair so they drew attention to begin with. We dressed the one in a wedding dress looking gown frizzed her hair slightly and had a really nice yet simple make up job to look like a vampiress, two vampires were her captors to fit the motiff of the effect.

Crowd favorite for sure. Poeple couldn't figure out how we did this at all, it was very convincing.

08-23-2007, 01:02 PM
Variety of strategies to entertain the line.

I like the idea of a trivia. I am planning a projection screen to show old movies and comedy skits ahead of all the lines. Adding in funny haunted trivia will add to the joys.

as is, will anyone trade a 16 mm Projector and 25 films (no vinegar on any of them) in trade for a working projection TV type?

08-23-2007, 06:52 PM
Purchase a 10 pack of dvd's from Castle Blood's Midnight Monster hop TV show.

there are 2 different dvd's, each one contains over 3.5 hours of old movies and classic horror skits done by the cast of the Castle.
When you buy the ten pack which is only 100.00, you get permission to use them in your attraction, AND they will act as an automatic sales tool to sell the rest of them in your gift shop.
so you actually entertain your line AND make a profit by doing it.

You can check out how good our production values are at:

08-25-2007, 02:31 AM
We have several animations in the que line at the darkness including...

Two lifeformation animations that sing and tell jokes, a sleeping giant, a scary animations that jumps out at people, one of those illusion things, a spitting snake, and that slayer way up in the air from scarefactory.

At the new Creepyworld, we have the GHOUL BAND...an animated band that sings songs.


Jim Warfield
08-25-2007, 07:24 AM
The Ravens Grin is an old 1870 Italianate house down a dead end street with a cliff and a river at the dead end. Vines cover most of the house making it resemble veins all wrapped around it, trees-woods surround the edges of the city parking lot.
We used to have a tour going through the house all scream at the same time after we opened an upstairs window facing the crowd in the parking lot, nobody out there would see this about to happen and so many down there waiting to come in would jump and scream! It was hysterical! Then of course they knew what to do in that upstairs room when it was their turn to scare the next parking lot crowd!
Can line entertainment get any cheaper than having this happen?