View Full Version : Updates on Haunted Ghost Run in Kentucky

08-22-2007, 10:12 AM
Hello Haunters and Screamers,

Wanted to let you all know that we are driving the ghost run courses for the final time and checking all of the clues for accuracy. This year's maze of streets is better than it has ever been in 13 years! It is sure to make you feel lost on the spooky roads as you approach your even scarier haunted destinations. That's right destinationS, with an S. This year there are TWO HAUNTED HOUSES in store for you on the run! They are both completely new to the run and never been used before in the past! They are sure to be a real treat!

Along with completed courses, the clue writing promotion is soon to be added to the site. Oh yes, you can write your very own Danger Run clue from an actual portion of this year's Danger Run! If your clue is the top clue written then your clue will be published and recognized in this year's cluebooks! How awesome is that?!

Finally, we have made a few changes to the FREE online virtual haunted roady rally. It is an AWESOME feature to the site that you shouldn't miss! Make sure to tell a friend about it so that you will be in the running for a VIP Danger Run experience! Yes, if you tell the most people about the Virtual Danger Run without spamming people, you will be the winner of a night of luxury with you and 7 of your closest friends. This trip includes a stretch limo, tickets for the Danger Run, and VIP admittance to the haunted houses! What better way to experience Louisville's Favorite Halloween event?!

Well, that is all I have for you for now! Make sure to check out our website http://www.dangerrun.com and get the low down on this year's event. It is going to rock Kentucky and Southern Indiana! Hope to scare you later!