View Full Version : Another Year Done For True Dungeon!

08-22-2007, 03:25 PM
I wanted to say thanks for all the help I received on this Forum over the last six months. It has been a good resource for info and referals.

My event, called True Dungeon, was held over three days at Gen Con Indy on Aug. 16-18th. We did over 3,000 people, and it was a big success. The feedback was glowing, and it volunteers kicked butt as usual. My event is a life-size Dungeons and Dragons experience that takes two hours to complete in a 21,000 square feet ballroom. We basically build an adventure complete with puzzles, traps, monsters and simulate combat where players get to feel what it is like to enter a "real" D&D adventure. More info at www.truedungeon.com

I have a few props for sale - now that this year's one event is over. It kind of sucks to have to buy something that you are only going to use for THREE days, but that is the way it is. All this stuff is practically new -- only used three days.

( 2 ) 12' Claustrophobia tunnels (complete) $1,000 each new [Oak Island]

( 4 ) Chavet F-1250 Fog Machine $149 new [ http://www.frightprops.com/frightprops/props/Product.asp?ID=0577 ]

If you are interested in buying these items, just send me an email with your offer. Again, these have only been used for 3 days.

Thanks again to everyone here for helping me out so much with their advice. I appreciate the help!