View Full Version : Turn any light into a strobe

08-25-2007, 09:02 AM
One of the people helping out in this years haunt was at Spencers, and bought something that I think is called "the strober". It is a little box that you plug any light into, and then plug the box into an electrical outlet. The box turns the bulb into a strobe- you can change the flash rate just like a normal strobe. When he first told me about it I did not think any company would actually make that because I thought it would blow the bulb really quickly. But when he showed me it, it was exactly how he described it. So now, I was searching on the internet for it, but cannot find it anywhere. I have tried all different search terms and it seems the internet doesn't have it anywhere. Spencers.com doesn't even have it. Does anyone know what this is and where i can find it?