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08-25-2007, 07:53 PM
Hello all!
Been a while since I last posted! Love the new boards by the way!
Anyways...well, my biz partner (Terry) and I have had lots of ups and downs...don't we all? To recap:
We bought the local Lion's Club Haunted House (panels, lights, costumes, tarps, etc.) and had a 'handshake deal' with a place right smack dab in town to use the basement of a building (9000 sq. ft.) Now the haunt fills about 2000 sq. ft. but we were planning on a line, waiting area, D.J., etc. Well the next day...NOPE!
That was 2005-2006...so we stored it at a local company/farm place and the owner said we could use a building (9000 sq. ft. again!) It never got cleaned out for 2006 and he said "For sure next year!" April comes and he said "When the weather breaks..." Two weeks later (of perfect sunshine) and "Sorry guys, I just can't do it this year...or probably ever!" Soooooo...
The hunt was on for this year...nothing...nothing...nothing...
Until...Terry calls me and says "How about the pavilion behind the Fire Hall in your borough where you live?"
We called the fire chief (his brother used to be the fire chief) and he said "Sounds good to me! Lemme run it past the volunteer firemen Sept. 6th at the meeting...you guys come to answer questions!"
We'd be giving them a donation as they are a volunteer fire dept.
Well, our town is having it's festival/fair this week so we measured the pavilion and between the poles and are working on a floor plan...just in case...
Still 50/50 right now but cross your fingers...we may get it going just yet!!!

Thanks for reading! I'll keep ya posted!
Any tips appreciated...


08-25-2007, 09:33 PM
Hey Dark,

Can ya fill us in with the rest of the details. From what i got out of it, you have the stuff / just need the place, does that about sum it up? Are you looking for suggestions on other locations opportunities to host it in?

08-26-2007, 11:35 AM
Sure, I'll fill ya in!
What I was looking for was (IF we're able to use the 3000 sq. ft. pavilion) is any tips on best ways to keep walls up since there's nothing but posts around it (we'll have it enclosed somehow). And also what to do in the time now until we meet with the firemen...maybe I've overlooked something...
We have the stuff and the desire...hopefully soon the place...
But it will be hurry, hurry, hurry...and with a full time job lots of long nights through September.
Just tips on what we should be doing now until the hopeful 'YES' and then anything that would help getting it up quick and safe!



08-28-2007, 09:15 AM
in the past we have set up haunts in open air venues, We used a variation of Leonard Pickle's wall layout. The concept is that of a house of cards, In order for one wall to fall.......they all need to fall. I assume your walls are 2x3 or 2x4 framed with a playwood overlay? if that is the case then all the walls get screwed together (2-3 inch screws) and use alot of 90 degree turns throughout the hallways/ scenes this will be much more stable and secure then a long expansive stright run, it also adds a nice feel inside the haunt because people will not be able to see very far ahead at any point. Also secure the walls to anything structural you can. Posts? is the floor of the pavilion wood? Is it possible for you to screw down through the wall frame into the floor decking?

As far as fire marshals go, Good luck.......they are the end all to be all. They are the HNIC or better known as The Authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) They can pretty much shut you down for any reason they like. My only advice would be to be as co-operative and respectful as you possibly can be. He doesnt want you to fail or not open/operate. He is looking out for himself. If somthing goes wrong at your haunt, he can be held responsible for allowing it to operate in an unsafe manner. The longer you are operating with no emergency issues the easier the fire marshal tends to be on you.

Good Luck!!

08-28-2007, 06:43 PM
let us know how it turns out- I hope you get it.