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condemned 12
08-27-2007, 12:11 PM
i wanted to find out if anyone in the va area had land or a place for a haunt.my haunt was suppose to be at the powhatan fairgrounds in powhatan,va.i had several meetings with them early in the year and agreed on a rental price,etc.i was supposed to sign the contract in june but my mom was diganosed with lung cancer and my cat a mammary gland cancer.i called them explaining my situation and they said it would be fine to sign it later when i took care of personal stuff.i had alot of driving to specialist and surgeries,etc.now everything is getting back to normal.so i called them like they said and i kept in touch.now they said they found someone willing to pay more for that month.now i dont have a place and need a place quick.i have to change the flyers etc.if anyone has a place let me know.i would rent or donate money .whatever is in my budget and can give you some advertising as well.im looking for at least 2,000 sq.ft 3,000 would be great.thanks if anyone can help me.
condemned productions

08-27-2007, 12:23 PM
sorry to hear about your mom and cat. Unfortuanly I dont know anyone in the VA area with land or a building. Also, with the haunt season less then a month a way it might be too hard to set up, get inspections, advertisement and everything else done before u open. You would be better off working on a 2008 haunt.

sorry once again. Hope everything works out for the best