View Full Version : "where Did you Get That Shirt?"

Jim Warfield
09-02-2007, 06:30 AM
Last night some people came through the house wearing Seventeen Year Old Ravens Grin shirts!!?
They looked brand new!?
They only wear them when they come here, every year........
I was complimented and impressed by this.
Of course clothing doesn't handle weld sparks and spinning grinder wheels too well...I hardly ever set myself on fire anymore........welding looking up used to do this regularly, it makes life interesting to be running through the yard looking for some puddle of rain water.......

Greg Chrise
09-02-2007, 02:44 PM
My most memorable experience wearing a RGI shirt was going to another haunt The Nightmare in the House of Wax, un announced and standing in line, Heather noticed the crazy printing on my shirt out of the corner of her eye and then shined a flashlight on it and then with wonderment onto my face and demanded "Who are You?"

That was one of the secret blue print shirts. A definite classic.

The limited edition Dr. Eval shirt in the color kermet green are fun as very few people have the will to stop you to read and understand the whole content. You can make a list of who is fun and not with that shirt.

The Cheese it's scary shirt was a hit as well.

I think that support your local haunted house art work you did should go into production.

I love all the detail you put into your art. What is funny is people think it is only a fanciful shirt when it is actually depicting something just as wild that is REAL and sitting in North West Illinois!

Jim Warfield
09-02-2007, 11:58 PM
Thank You, Gregg.

Tonight we had a wild bunch in here!
The one young drunk was trying to be "funny", I helped him along , making fun of his stupidity.
Once again near the tour's compleation I heard several of them ask me to "Stop it!" Stop making them laugh so much! Their cheeks hurt!
(Their upper cheks)