View Full Version : FREE VIP Treatment At Kentucky and Southern Indiana Ghost Run

09-08-2007, 08:48 AM
Hello Haunt Go-ers,

We are just a few weeks away from the greatest year that Halloween has ever seen! We have LOTS in store for you! Make sure you check out our Virtual Run and end it to all of your friends for your chance to win a VIP Danger Run Experience. It will be a night like no other as you experience the Danger Run from the back of a stretch limousine with all of your friends as you party and live up the Danger Run to its full potential. What better way to experience the most fun you've ever had in your car? Why not make the most fun you've EVER had... period?! If that weren't enough, once you get to the haunts you will be escorted the front of all the lines and get into the haunts without all the waiting! That's right guys; I said haunts with an "S." Why you ask? Because this year the Danger Run has Two, count 'em one...two, Haunted Houses! A night filled with fun, luxury, and fright! So, make sure you sign up because it is totally FREE to enter!

For all of those that want to skip the contest and want to jump in on getting your own Limousine for the night and make your own VIP party, make sure you check out Danger Run's EXCLUSIVE Limousine Company Fifth Avenue Limousine. They have affordable, special Danger Run packages (including tickets) available. So, if you really want to ride in style and make it a night like no other make sure to give them a call at 502-425-0000 and ask for Josh or Michelle. Tell them Danger Run sent ya! They will give you the Danger Run hook up like no other Limo company in the Ville.

And for those of you that want to skip all the flashiness and just go on the run, make sure you check out our promotions page on our website or visit one of our fine sponsors to get all the details on the special deals we are offering you to make this Halloween event everything you want it to be. Our promos even include FREE Gas and FREE Food! Imagine an entire night of Spooky entertainment, including food and gas for only $13.95! That's the cheapest date you'll ever have! However, you may not want to point that out!

So, everyone make sure to check us out at our website and all of our awesome sponsors! And don't forget, for the VIP treatment call Fifth Avenue Limousine! They'll take good care of you! Take care and we look forward to seeing you!