View Full Version : Whats eating Jim???

damon carson
09-08-2007, 11:44 AM
Hey Jim missed reading your posts thought maybe some alien life form landed in old Mutt Carroll and took over your typing hand??? Just needing a good laugh lately and missed reading some of your posts. They usually make my day. Well I will let you and the aliens get back to the grave robbing on top the hill or whatevers been keeping you busy lately.

John Coen
09-10-2007, 09:43 AM
Maybe Mr. Tuxedo is taking a bite out of him instead of the other way around!

Jim Warfield
09-11-2007, 12:17 AM
For the last long month I have been trying to replace the roof on my Dad's old garage, which is now my "new" garage.
It is 2- 25 by 40ft. buildings hooked together in an "L" shape.
One busy afternoon I tarped the roof 6 times as rain kept appearing and dissappearing for me.
Then I have had customers here for the nocturnal tours of Ravens Grin Inn each night...for some strange reason this makes Jim tired!? (I'm 58 yrs, ancient, afterall!)
I have been coming up with some pretty funny ad-libs during the tours though!
I have been telling customers about your haunted couch -experience that you had here Damon, I use the true story to set them up for a good scare, I love doing this, telling people the truth(so easy to tell it convincingly) then "GOTCHA!"
That could have all happened because that old 1935 couch is "Haunted".
My Great-grandmother had a couch just like that one except hers was done in a blue material instead of red.
A local girl got very scared on that couch as she said someone touched her on the shoulder in the dark.
For someone to have done this that would have to have been standing right where a whole bunch of other "stuff" is, so this didn't happen this way, of course there was no one there nearby either.
She was definately scared (not pretending) I have known her since she was born, she is the half-sister of my Nephews.
Then I also have alot of new things I am trying to get done for "The Season" too!
I recently had some customers complain at the tour's conclusion that their faces "hurt"...from laughing too much for the last 90 minutes!!

damon carson
09-11-2007, 02:35 PM
Alright Jim I believe youve been busy and all. But really dont cover up about the aliens. Or is it ghosts that have you digging up those graves up in the cemetary. Nah all jokes aside, I think I told you about the invisible hand that swatted the stream of water in the kitchen sink. This happened while I was washing my hands that night at your house at 4am. The water splashed 4ft hit the door on the right. Just before Kevin came into the room. Maybe that invisible hand is the one that touched the girl??? EWWWWW SPOOKY STUFF JIM! Sweet Dreams! HA ha HA Ha!