View Full Version : Hey everyone try our new ROT LINE

09-08-2007, 06:18 PM

Hello everyone,

First I want to THANK YOU ALL once again for helping us to our 100th SHOW debuting next week Friday. It is because of all your support that we have made it to where we are today.

Now I wanted to tell you all also about our all new R.F.R. ROT LINE. It's our new voicemail service where vendors can leave messeges and hot news about products, people can leave shout outs, tips, feedback on shows, anything you want to contribute, or just to hear your voice on a future show. We will be using some of the audio in the new ROT LINE and actually being airing it on shows for all to hear.

I think its a pretty cool way to interact with listeners and our haunt community all of you Hauntworld posters.

Thank you once again everyone for the support and I truely mean that.