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09-11-2007, 02:29 AM
As the season comes close for some you will open this weekend for others the following and for many not until October. But right now I have tried everything I could to get in touch with EVERYONE who bought a featured banner or featured listing from Hauntworld.

Look over the site... if you bought a listing or banner and do not see it up there, email me directly at darkrides@sbcglobal.net (mhtml:{EF635B1C-3C5D-4B64-82DF-B83C7E82CF5F}mid://00000810/!x-usc:mailto:darkrides@sbcglobal.net).

I can get the banners and featured listings up same day now. We rebuilt the whole entire backend and it works great. I had some troubles with people being able to retrieve their passwords to edit their listings. I hope we fixed that, but if you try to retrieve your password and can't check your junk mail before trying to contact me.

We also installed a new system that gives you your password without email. So that should help... try it up. Update your listing its free! If you still want a featured listing or banner email me directly. I can get them up same day.

We just added a NEW AND LET ME TELL YOU AWESOME FEATURE to our service many of you will LOVE!!!

When you create a profile you tell our system where your haunt is located like city and state and you tell our system what the name of your haunted house is...

So now... drum roll please!!!!

Our system calls out all of those things in the URL and title tags for EVERY SINGLE LISTING ON THE SITE!!!

For example http://www.hauntworld.com/haunted_house_in_lancaster_Pennsylvania_jason_wood s (mhtml:{EF635B1C-3C5D-4B64-82DF-B83C7E82CF5F}mid://00000810/!x-usc:http://www.hauntworld.com/haunted_house_in_lancaster_Pennsylvania_jason_wood s)

There is the listing for Jasons Woods in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

It won't be long before our system rides the top of search engines for spelled out keywords, helping your haunt get DIRECT customers to your site. I can almost assure you EVERY person who clicks on your link from our site now will be a customer because of how we'll be found on search engines. It will take about a month for this to totally kick in on Yahoo and Google but hopefully it will be just in time for October.

The cool thing is we won't be listed on Google and Yahoo just ONCE.. oh no... LOL

HauntedHouseOnline.com will have its own listing spelled out the same was so to google and yahoo they're two different sites spelling out the same exact keywords.

Anyway hard to explain but lets just say this is what is needed to help you find customers using google and yahoo in the long run!

The cool thing is if you change your CITY your URL on our site will change or if you change the name of your haunt the URL will change. Be sure NOT to say some small county you're located inside, make sure you name your city as the CITY you are trying to draw from. VERY IMPORTANT!

Anyway... we're also moving my own haunted house site off my server because it gets way too much traffic and is slowing down Hauntworld or vice versa. We're doing that this week...

I also already had to add another 4 gig of memory for Hauntworld to operate correctly.

I'm hoping no crashing this year! It will be HUGE to get Scarefest off my server because it will help Hauntworld function under more stress!

One day last year Hauntworld had over 120,000 unique visits and Scarefest had about 18,000 and HauntedHouseOnline.com had 55,000, and HauntedHouses.us had about 40,000 and they where ALL ON THE SAME SERVER! It was too much...

The Scarefests 18,000 is worth more than 4 times the hits of the other sites because of all the images, photos, and stuff you can download... so that site will be moved to help assure a smoother 2007 season for helping promote haunts this year.

I'm trying to make all of these announcements now, because I'm only going to get more and more busy and harder and harder to reach.

Take care.
Larry Kirchner
www.HauntWorld.com (mhtml:{EF635B1C-3C5D-4B64-82DF-B83C7E82CF5F}mid://00000810/!x-usc:http://www.hauntworld.com/)

09-11-2007, 02:33 AM
Keep in mind...

This profile is updated the way you should update your profile...

http://www.hauntworld.com/haunted_house_in_atlanta_Georgia_netherworld_haunt ed_house

Are you checking to see if you have reviews? Do you have a title image? Do you have You Tube videos uploaded? Do you have photos?

Check that listing and upgrade it baby!!!