View Full Version : Scarefest was a blast!

damon carson
09-16-2007, 10:45 AM
I wanted to thank Larry and Jim for a great night letting us see their haunts. As always they put on a great show! The Darkness was even better than last year. They have a spectacular Cave and waterfall. An awesome looking que area. And some really creepy actors in there mirror maze. Cgi everywhere practically! A real feast for the eyes! We also went to Creepy World. That was a good time as well. Silo X is really detailed and gory! Tombstone hayride was alot of fun and alot of neat sets and scenes. The cornmaze was a nice addition. And Ravens Mansion the facade is spectacular! I want to pack it up and take it home! LOL! Larry you might miss it though! My one year old son Brenan and one of my actors Daniel all went through. My little boy was a real trooper and wasnt scared even when the chainsaw killers came at us a Tombstone Haunted Hayride or Silo X. I was very proud of my little boy! Be he is used to seeing all of Daddys haunted stuff! But he did really great! One lady on the hayride said what are you doing torturing him? I said no we just came from the Darkness and he didnt act like it phased him! Again thanks guys for a great time to some of the best haunts in the country!
Happy Haunting,