View Full Version : Actor looking for advice on character, scares, and makeup?

09-19-2007, 07:03 PM
Hi! I'm a haunted house actor, but I never got much training. At my last job, I memorized my script, developed my own character voice, and learned scares from my coworkers. I learned how to do a basic scary face. I did a satisfactory job and enjoyed every tour, but I'd like to be BETTER. After months of paid experience, I'd like to be able to say I'm a "professional" without feeling like I'm lying.

I'm about to move on to a new haunted house, and this time I'd like to really shine. Could anyone spare the time to give me some advice on how to make myself a really great ghoul?

Jim Warfield
09-19-2007, 07:23 PM
Look to your own nightmares for inspiration. Look to the darker part of your own personality for motivation when making that first eye-contact with the victims.
Many people can pick up evil or even life threatening mental intent and if you can project this, subtly, I suggest, then you might go very slim on the actual make up and allow these very personal talents to show themselves , helping alot in your potential successes.
Become more interesting by becoming more unpredictable in you actions and words.
Remember each person, each group may be very different from the previous one, one size, one scare , doesnot fit all. Remain very mentally flexible and quick of wit, but sometimes nothing said is more effective, leaving them to wonder???
After it all begins to fall together for you , you will find yourself feeding from the energy of those moments , a great feeling, sort of like Dracula himself might enjoy!