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09-20-2007, 05:28 AM
I had a new feature added to my system that allows to be track how many click throughs EVERY SINGLE banner on my system gets for the haunts who advertise by month, by year. So Now I can look up and see how many this month, last month, blah, blah.

But wait there is MORE...

I'm also tracking banner hits by state in total...meaning my new system allows me to see which states have the most banner hits, hence I can see which states have the most action, interest or whatever.

Interested to know which are the most popular states for haunting so far...

No keep mind these banner hits are low because its early in September and we only installed the system a couple days ago so this is only for a couple days.

PA leads everyone with 797 click throughs to advertisers websites.

second is Ohio 573, then New Jersey with 499, New York 431, Maryland 329, Texas 216, IL 212, and the list goes on and on and on....

PA #1 Haunt State

Ohio #2

New Jersey #3

New York #4

Maryland #5

This is just so far... but there are a lot of banners in those states so more to click on but it will be interesting to track this as the weeks press on. I will keep you informed of the data.

So when I say 797 banners have been clicked on total in PA that is just in the last 3 days, and thats all haunt banners in that state combined.

You might also be asking which haunt has the most clicks out of every haunt that has a featured banner... the drum roll please: Terror Behind the Walls with 108 in the last couple days.

There are several with 80 or more but TBTW is the only one over 100 so far.


09-22-2007, 04:41 PM
What a difference a few days makes...

We've now had 20,000 click throughs our on banner ads. WOW!

The number one state now is Ohio with over 3,000, PA is second with 2,900, New York is third with just over 2,000, New Jersey is forth with right at 2,000, Michigan is fifth with just over 1,000.

The top clicked on listing is the #1 banner in Ohio clicked on now over 470 times, Bates Motel is now second with over 350 and Terror Behind the Walls is third with about 350. Keep in mind just a couple days ago Terror Behind the walls had just over 100, so they've got another 250 or so in 3 or so days.

Its going to be a battle to see how has the most popular haunted house state but these five states seem to be top dogs.