View Full Version : Need Input From Home Haunters To Hollywood Style Haunted Attractions

Frank Petruccelli
09-28-2007, 09:48 AM
At the 2008 Transworld Show I plan to release my next CD, which I hope to start after the season. Being involved with the Haunted Attraction Industry as more than a composer I feel I have pretty good judgement when it comes to what Haunters may want/need when it comes to dark cinematic soundscapes. That being said I have always tried to create a variety of moods on my CDs to fulfill Haunters needs.

Now I am reaching out to my fellow Haunters for more input on what they are looking for, which I will take into account when producing this next CD. Do you prefer CDs that have a common theme/sound style throughout or one that has tracks of different styles/variety of horror soundscapes? Has the combination of Tublar Bells, Choir, Strings been to overdone & you feel like you need something different, if so what? Do you prefer music mixed with sound effects or just straight instrumental tracks that you can put your own sound effects to? Do you want music with a modern or somewhat modern beat or a more film score style of feel?

I know now it is a busy time for us all. Some of us are already open & some are opening soon. During the season take some time & listen to your Haunted Attraction. Is your audio creating the atmosphere you want? Is something missing or could it be better? Maybe poll your guests.

Remember sound is half of your guests experience. How it is done & how well it is done play a big part in the success of your Haunted Attraction. It should not be overlooked or a last minute thought.

That being said if I am not composing/producing soundscapes that you & I like, want or need then I am in the wrong business.

Please share your thoughts on this issue with me when you have the time. Thanks All!

09-28-2007, 02:04 PM
I think the whole bells scary sound effect thing is over done. I like instramental music I can add my own sound effects to. as far as what type I perfer a more "industrial" type techno mix.

Hope that helps!