View Full Version : New York Haunted Attraction??

09-30-2007, 08:50 PM
I am sure most of you are tired of reading posts like this so ill just keep it short and simple. Tossing around the idea of turning our non-for profit haunt into a commercial/pro haunt. I have worked with Scare World (re-building their animatronics) down in PA/DE, and also Ron and Jay from Fright World in Buffalo, NY. I have great references and am looking for a qualified partner to talk about the possibility of opening a haunt in the upcoming 2008 year. If you have experience in the haunting community (please have references), and are interesting in throwing around some ideas/locations etc please get in contact with me off the board or provide your email. I am located in westchester, NY about 30 mins north of NYC. Thanks for reading.