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10-02-2007, 07:52 AM

This is Ed Gannon, Director of Operations for Spooky World, Boston, and owner of Something Wicked Producitons. I feel I need to send a quick note to all whom may have ordered "The Operations Manual for Haunters" book, or "Carnival After Midnight, Calliope Cacaphone" CD from any reseller but have not yet received their merchandise. I know that several other vendors on the web are supposedly selling this for me, and I'm grateful for that, believe me! The problem is I have received over the last few months complaints from folks that say they have orered and paid for these products and still not received them, some even from this site!

I am sure you all can realize my company is a small business, but in saying that, I pride myself on getting orders out promptly, even in this our busiest of seasons. I have received only one order which has not gone out due to non-payment, and it's a big one. So I just need to set that record straight. If anyone is interested in some good professional haunt information, or Wicked Cool audio, check out my site directly:
I will get items out right away and support anything I create/produce. I am easy to find and will always return a call/email.

Thanks for listening!

Ed Gannon
508 889 7375

10-02-2007, 08:26 AM
I will vouch for Ed's customer service and HIGHLY recommend Carnival After Midnight! Great stuff Ed.


10-10-2007, 08:00 PM
Thanks Barry, and others that have called me.

I am still getting nowhere with some of the resellers, so I would normally never do this, but. . .
If you have ordered my book or one of my CD's from another source and have not received it in a timely manner, kindly cancel that order, get a refund, and order it directly from me. You WILL get your merchandise right away!

When you want or need materials and are willing to pay for them, why shouldn't you get them? Order from me, and you will.

Thanks for reading,

Ed :-)