View Full Version : An Anonymous Phoned In Compliment:

Jim Warfield
10-03-2007, 02:32 AM
"I live in Florida, I wanted to say F*!%K your couch.
I have been there and you are a scary person.
You do have the most scary house in the world, I'll give it to you.
Good Day Sir."
Maybe I need a second answering machine just for anonymous compliments?
Maybe another answering machine for B.S. and complaints?
High-screeched warbling could be the greeting for the complainer callers.

Northwest Quarterly magazine's newest edition mentions Ravens Grin in it's
"Nooks And Crannies" section and said some new phrases that gave me a kick!
: "Ravens Grin offers an adventure in ghost story telling" And: "This tricky house is a special treat!"
"Adventures" & "Treats", sounds like possibly some new food product, maybe a kid's lunch-snack item?

damon carson
10-03-2007, 08:56 PM
Jim what are you doing to these people on your couch??? Ever since youve been telling people about my experience on that couch it seems the activity is increasing in your front room! You said that girl got touched by a ghost and now this person sayin f your couch! They say Lemp Mansion in St. Louis is in the top ten mosted haunted houses. But I would really like to know what yours would ranK! It would have to be in the top 3!!! Do you have activity in your living quarters? Like the part the customers dont go in? I know you have activity in your yard because Kevin told me after I came out of the cellar that night after scaring people that the pig statue outside was oinking at him! And thats after I told him a voice in a deep tone said HEY! to me. I guess that was Evil Fred? Is that his name! I tell you what the hair stood up on the back of my neck that night! And I thought it was Adam Drendal screwing with me?! Guess what everybody he had already left! Spooky stuff! I didnt stay in the cellar much longer after that! Jim your a brave soul!!!

Jim Warfield
10-05-2007, 08:34 AM
The Warloch-Psychic said he was named "Evil " Frank. (Responsible for three bodies hidden behind the wall of the wine cellar.)
Our one dog once was "pointing" and growling at an empty corner of our 10 by 10 bedroom..this unnerved my wife, her dog is very protective. Other than that my wife gets some "activity" in our bedroom whether she wants it or not.
Just about a week ago she was touched on her arm as she was almost awake and there was nothing else, like a dog or a cat, that could have been the one touching her.
A few weeks ago the last customer leaving the house saw something unusual in the veiwfinder (and as he looked around the camera), he snapped the picture and there is what looks like the "Shadow-Snake" about 2 foot above the floor right infront of him, like at his feet. It was 1/2 " at one end , tapering up to three inches as it smoothly bent back and forth and was maybe almost 3 feet long.
This was seen in the concrete exit tunnel that I built, not a part of the house that is 140 years old .
We are having "Ghost-Seekers" night again this October 31st when people spend the night sitting in the dark wine cellar with cameras and other items .
"Things" always have seemed to happen during that night,"Things" that I am not capable of making happen, nor maybe that anyone could make physically happen?
It's a haunted, haunted house.
As I have said before , telling the general public that you have actual hauntings will probably lose you as many customers as you may gain---people are afraid of possibly having an unpredictable other-worldly experience.
I have always thought I should be teling people about these things because I wouldn't want someone to have such an experience here and think they have lost their sanity and then suffer from such a personal opinion.