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09-24-2006, 10:25 PM
The Halloween Costume by Smacky

As leaves in October dancing on trees,
The monsters shiver and wait at the door.
Their trembling coming not from any breeze,
But from love of the fear waiting in store.

The monsters were short, hardly monstrous at all.
Primping like actors at a movie premier,
They laughed, as winter at the death of the fall,
Free on this spookiest night of the year.

They stood on the porch of the old estate.
The gourds there rotting, heavy with flies.
Windows--like coins on dead eyes--mirrored hate,
The paint leprous skin under October skies.

An angel (a girl in mother’s old dress)
Smothered a laugh as she reached for the bell.
She felt some fear then, but just a caress,
A grim premonition on hearing the knell.

With coffin screech the door opened a crack,
And breath of a corpse was the stench from within
Kids shriek, and retreat, as if from an attack,
As out of the dark leered Death’s next of kin.

A hideous Ghoul, his plague eyes were bright,
Strangling fingers wrapped the door like a throat.
His leprous skin was bared to the night,
‘Cept furred demon legs hoofed black like the Goat.

He smiled the sinister smile of the fool
Questioning God with the wit of the tomb.
His gray corpselike lips glistening with drool,
As black tumor eyes peered out of the gloom.

But one boy -- in cape -- not frightened by gore,
With a vampire’s valor, costumed from doubt,
Courageously faced the fiend at the door.
He gave the time honored Halloween shout:

“Trick or Treat!”

The cowardly kids stopped short their retreat,
(Greedily thinking that it would be wrong,
If only the vampire boy got a treat)
They ran for the Ghoul, a courageous throng.

And all the cowering children joined in,
Even those who had fled back to the street,
Raced for the door and the treasure within.
They crowded the ghoul and yelled, “Trick or Treat!”

Ghoul’s capering brain had a most horrid wish
he concealed behind his lying ghoul smile.
“Plump boys and girls are a savory dish!”
And he winked at those he sought to beguile.

The night was magic, as fits Halloween
Our Ghoul, a mere man, a grim holiday priest
Said, “Hello!” and smiling at his cuisine,
He led them inside to his All Saints Day feast.

09-25-2006, 07:24 AM
"Plump boys and girls are a savory dish"

I agree but as I am on a low fat diet I perfer my meat a little leaner and slowly cooked on a spit over a nice fire and basted with spices..... mmmm

Well done Smacky

09-25-2006, 08:53 AM
Smacky, you're the Hauntworld Shakespeare! That was great! Thanks for sharing!