View Full Version : first time haunting help needed!

10-06-2007, 08:38 PM
me and a few co-workers are turning our animal hospital into a haunted hospital to raise money for local humane societies. We have 7 rooms to haunt and a long hallway. We plan on a mad surgery doc with chain saw cutting up a patient (live one). Blood, guts etc. We plan on a strobe room with moving actors. A room with a hanging man and ghoul who will charge at the door, a dead woman hooked up to a iv drip moaning (should she grab at the passers?) 2 rooms without ideas (here is where I need help). I thought of an electric chair inmate who springs to life? Which is scarier, red light or blue? How strong of a strobe light do I need? we have plenty of "intercomed" music. I thought we would make the victims sign a book and during their tour someone would wisper there name over the intercom.

I have run out of ideas. Time is ticking away. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I thank you ahead of time!

We have lots of black cloaks and demon masks. Leatherface is the best???? thanks again.

Mr. Haunt
10-15-2007, 06:55 PM
It sounds like you are headed in the right direction. You do not need much help. You have great ideas, SO GO WITH THEM!

As for the stobes, they are all the same no matter the size. They are all very bright. The blinking of the strobe is the only thing that you can change.