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10-08-2007, 12:25 PM
For anyone familiar with the park, here's my review of Fright Fest. We went on Sunday, Oct. 7th.

Here are my reviews on FF and some of the attractions.

Earlier in the day we decided to try out the Elvira ride. Each year during Fright Fest it replaces SpongeBob Squarepants 3D simulator ride. Wow. Kind of a let down. The animation was bad. There wasn't enough movement. No story. And it wasn't in 3D. It had SO much potential to be in 3D with all the things that came at the screen. It would've been a lot better. However I heard its supposed to be in 3D...so why didn't they give us glasses?

6/10. Last year was so much better. There were more actors everywhere. There was more fog too (this year there was almost no fog). The crowds were too big and there wasn't a good amount of actors. Main Street and The Cemetery were not foggy and had almost no actors. There wasn't the FF mood going on. IDK, but I didn't feel it.

Stop going after just 13 year old girls. I'm a 17 year old guy who wants to get scared. They need to go after different people and not the same ones. They need to actually act intimidating and not like a joke. They barely scare people anyway. They just walk by. The make-up, however, was good. There was also a lack of actors. The crowds were way too big for there to even be any tension.

Every corner of the park was decked out as much as possible. That was good. However, it was basically all webs and that brown stuff. Not much actual props. The Cemetery was good. But other then that there was nothing. They should buy more props because they're lacking and the ones that they have are either cheesy or broken.

If it wasn't for my friends girlfriend who made it funny it would've completely sucked. They went after only her and not the 4 guys with her. I got scared once. The line was completely unorganized. We waited an hour and walked at an average pace and it was 5 minutes long. The trail it self was terrible. There were no props, you could see through the "mesh" and see the other parts of the park. You could see where everyone was hiding, there actors stood directly in front of you and didn't do anything but hiss, and once again, there was no fog. And the man at the end was a jouster? The Junkyard last year was better. At least it was in the woods and a little longer and not SO open. The problem was that it was too open. It needed to be more narrow. Plus if they made it narrow, it could be longer.

- FF needs to improve!
- In terms of atmosphere this year I felt it lacking. There was no eerieness or spook to it.
- There werent enough actors or props.
- EVERYTHING in FF is for kids. Can we have ONE thing thats scary? PLEASE? The entire park can be Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween, but have the terror trail be HHN status PLEASE. The Terror Trail should be long, drawn out, insanely scary, filled with props and actors and also have a story too it where they drag you into what you're about to do. It needs to be longer and better. I'm sorry, but if the kids don't like it, there's always an emergency exit.
- They had too many shows this year and all of them were bad.
- Elvira is...wierd. Can it be changed to another Halloween simulator? I'm sure theres gotta be another haunted themed one.
- Whats up with lines during FF? All season they're great and now this?

My idea is to:
- Place the terror trail in a secluded wooded area or build a haunted house. Or be like HHN and empty buildings that don't need to be used. Actually what would be amazing would be to set up a massive haunt around emptied Congo Rapids. It go partly through the woods and through The Congo Rapids track (or whatever it is). It could be themed and actually scary and it can use the queue that's already there.

Everyone else, feedback on what Great Adventure can do to make it better? Out of all the major theme parks in the country, Six flags has the worst Halloween event.

Anyone else who lives near a different Six Flags and goes to that Fright Fest, put up a review here!

10-08-2007, 06:56 PM
I'm acting at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom this year for the first time. All the FF actors had to attend the new team member orientation this year which apparently was never done before. The reason for this is that going forward they are really focusing on family entertainment and we had to watch the new marketing videos and hear about the new directions they are taking.

Kentucky Kingdom has a reputation around here as being more of a babysitting place than a theme park. With season passes so cheap now a days parents dump there kids off for the day and they run wild. Six Flags is really trying to change that perception and make it more inviting to families.

All we have is a day time Candy Trail for kids 10 and under and Nightmare Inc. for over 13. The number of people dragging their young kids into the house is crazy. They never make it past the first room.

10-08-2007, 09:50 PM
IS the house long? Is it ACTUALLY scary?

How can Great Adventure, the company's main park, do such a crappy job?