View Full Version : Introduction and forthcoming trip reports

10-09-2007, 10:43 AM
Hello everyone! I am new to the boards and wanted to share a few trip (haunt) reports for those haunted houses that my fiancee and I have visited this season. We are huge Halloween/haunted attraction fans, and spend most of late September and all of October visiting various haunted attractions. We live in the Philadelphia region, which is a great region for fans like us due to the relatively close access to many haunts!

Our favorite overall haunt in the region is Shocktoberfest. The hayride is the best we have seen, and features some amazing scenes and animatronics. The prison is also a fantastic walk-through and it is a nice touch having to take the "prison bus" to the entrance. The third attraction, another walk-through haunted house, is only average and we have skipped that one in the last couple of years.

Our other favories in the Philly area are the hayride and Bates Motel at Arasapha Farm. The hayride has many detailed, impressive sets and the Bates Motel is a great walk-through. Payne's Asylum at Sleepy Hollow in Newtown, PA is an incredible haunted house and seems to be underrated/somewhat unknown. We were shocked at the quality of this house when we visited for the first time several years ago. Their hayride on the other hand is really lame and should be skipped, but the house is worth the trip.

Haunt reports forthcoming!