View Full Version : PR Results keep coming!

10-09-2007, 04:23 PM
Coming off last years huge PR effort I'm seeing even more press coming to us this season. Our numbers for the first two weeks are up over 1,000 more tickets sold year to date over 2006. The amazing thing is I did not spend a dime on Radio or TV this year, that alone saved me over $20,000. Funny how when you don't spend money with the radio stations they beg for tickets to give away. I think I'm on to something here folks, haunted attractions that are established don't need to spend tons of money with Radio and TV. So far with the increase in sales and not spending on advertising we are up $40,000. Keep your fingers crossed guys, this could be one for the record books for haunts this season.

The media has been all over us and this year and it keeps coming. We have live shots with local media coming Wedesday and this is the third News Chanel this year. Interviews with a business Journal also this week. The business of haunting is making news more than ever.

I have to think that the PR effort started last year got all this rolling.

The weather here in the South East is still in a drought, so dry weather is always a plus. Just got to keep the actors hydrated with lots of water. We have had two actors get over heated and one customer do the same.