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10-23-2007, 11:20 AM
Bear with me here because I'm leaving the name of the haunt out.

We did a Sunday, 5 people, 2 current haunters, one former haunter(now costuming), one friend and one guaranteed screamer.

The line was not long, but it moved slow, probably due to grouping, which was fine. The slow line allowed us to see the backstory movie--which affected this review.

The first thing was a yard, filled with graves and props. Perfect for a scare...but there was none. Don't know if it was staffing, standard or what. It was a big space.

Inside the attention to detail was great. Everything fit the theme and the backstory movie. There was a long passage where an effect provoked a mounting tension--I was afraid it was going to end with a jump scare, but no, it just left you at the end tense and wondering. Really good. Dread is the finest of fears.

Most of the acting was spot on--there was one, all I can call it is a ghost, great outfit and a very simple scare--again using tension and dread instead of startle and disgust--wonderful.

Being a haunter, it's nice to get these scares as we tend to be a hard to frighten breed.

Clowns. Why were there clowns? Why are there clowns? Everywhere. Pretty much everyone has clowns. Oh, they were good--they had my screamer on the floor. One in particular has mastered the now you see me, now you don't. That was good for a shriek.

It was, overall, a really cool haunt. Scary in the right ways.

But. There's always a but.

The backstory movie hinted at the possibility that there wouldn't be yet another xeroxed chainsaw guy--there would be someone/thing else. I was exhilarated. Even more so when the character in question showed up in a particularly creepy part of the house--but lurking, not going for a big scare.

Catching sight of a tool from the movie gave me even more hope.

And then the chainsaw guy showed up. I always feel bad for them. Anyone attached to the industry, anyone who hits haunts, is going to view him as 'eh'.

But there was an area after the saw, and my hopes were briefly raised. But, other than an interesting startle scare this was another big space--highly detailed space-- with no scares.

This was a great house, with scares and effects I'd like to try. I'd never gone before, but will now add it to those I try to hit every year.

So why did I leave out the name?

Because I did say some things that could be taken as negative(though they were more questions as to why didn't you...?), and I don't want to be seen to come down on anyone while the season is on.