View Full Version : A Visit From Make-Up Artist Mark Viniello

Frank Petruccelli
10-24-2007, 06:35 AM
This past weekend I got to spend some time with a good friend Mark Viniello. Mark is a Hollywood Make-Up Artist who has worked on such films as Pirates of the Carribean, the Lord of the Rings Trilogy and the recent Resident Evil movie. He got his start at Kevin McCurdy's Haunted Mansion. Mark came to NY to do a Make-Up demonstration at Kevins new place, Skull Island Scream Park. Mark & I decided it would be better for him to work on me rather than someone from the audience. I was in the make-up chair for just over two hours while Mark worked on me, it was a lot of fun. I have been an actor at Kevins Haunt for 27 of its 30 years. During that time I have seen, felt, experienced a lot of different make-up jobs but nothings like this. Although my face and head were completely covered in make-up appliances, latex, tissue & paint it felt very comfortable. The way the make-up moved with my facial expressions was really cool too. You can check out some pictures of Mark's work on me here or at http://www.myspace.com/musictodiefor

That night at the Haunted Mansion I got some really great scares, Thanks Mark!