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10-24-2007, 02:18 PM
I noticed Rogues Hollow did the web design, but what organization is behind this site? I was curious if it was an actual impartial judging panel or just a marketing consortium Rogues Hollow put together with some of their clients?

Clever move, either way..


10-24-2007, 02:44 PM
One of our local haunt owners did this this year -- set up a fake haunt review website and then ranked himself at #1. It's kind of funny the lengths some people will go to.

Greg Chrise
10-24-2007, 10:38 PM
Amanda Borichevshky
Vollmer Public Relations
Phone: 972.488.4790
Email: amanda@vollmerpr.com

Looks like the Texas branch of the Russian Mafia to me?

10-25-2007, 02:57 AM
If you ask me it's a total joke, but Rogues Hollow has nothing to do with it. The guy who did it ranked all of his own haunts in the top ten, every haunt he works with is ranked and he ranked Six Flags, St. Louis, one of the best because I'm in St. Louis. Whatever...

Hauntworld is doing rankings of haunts every year because we're trying to gain interest from the media. All haunted house stories done in a positive light helps all haunts nationwide. Even if we didn't rank your haunt doesn't mean we won't next year, or we won't cover your haunt on our website or magazine.

Read any articles I'm quoted in... read them!!!! Due to this website I'm given the opportunity to speak to the national media almost everyday. I PROMOTE HAUNTS IN GENERAL, I PROMOTE GOING TO HAUNTS, I talk about how awesome we all are!!!!!

Has anyone noticed a HUGE jump in interest in haunting these last two years??? Can you 110% attribute that to the national PR effort that we've been doing...we've probably gained this industry over 100 million dollars in FREE PR!

That is the goal... simple as that!

It was a dream I had to turn around all the negative stories we saw year after year and make something positive happen.

So because of that we have someone come along and start a clearly trumped up and bogus rankings of haunts to counter things we're doing that are positive. The thing that got me was adding Disney to make it seem like it was really legit. LOL

Again whatever...I've totally ignored it because its not worth the time of day.

People can do whatever they want to do this is America...but just because someone says it's an official list compiled by experts doesn't mean nothing.

By trying to find lists and asking YOU to tell me what is out there...I've found gems like Haunted Overload, haunts I never knew existed. We found so much good in our industry I'm proud to say our industry has a lot to offer!!!

The fact is that anyone can create a list whether or not someone believes what you're saying to be factual is another story. I think some people take our list with a grain of salt and some really think they're dead on. We'll make another one next year and see what happens. We're always looking for someone new and exciting!


damon carson
10-25-2007, 08:33 AM
This all goes back to a post that I made about haunted house rankings about 2 weeks ago. You have all these self proclaimed haunted houses saying Im number one in my area. Or Im number one in the country. Its all just false advertising! There needs to be a legitamate ranking system ran by experts such as Hauntworld to weed out the bad from the good! This website and radio commercials ect are really getting ridiculous and out of hand! I dont know what all could be done but something needs to be done if possible.

10-25-2007, 09:57 AM
I certainly wouldn't call the project a joke. ABH Has gotten some national exposure as well and really helped out some of the haunts that are in it. Much like America Haunts. However All i did was the website and I'm not associated with the business itself in any way other than making the site and logo/seal. So how the haunts are judged is nothing I have anything to do with. Hope that clears up any misconceptions.

10-25-2007, 11:34 AM

As I pointed out you had nothing to do with but making the website as you did for America Haunts website. You did a fantastic job on the website...looks great!

But I still call it a JOKE! I've seen little to NO if NOT ANY national exposure for that website. I'm sure it got some but the reason I call the list a JOKE is because it was made out of pure spite and then loaded up with the owners personal projects, or things like Six Flags St. Louis. You can't make a list soley based on promoting your own attractions and or ones that complete with what we're doing.

That isn't taking yourself serious! Do you think?