View Full Version : October 25th! Whata Night!!

Jim Warfield
10-26-2007, 02:28 AM
We had various groups traveling as much as 5 hours to arrive here, and when their tour was over they remarked that the drive was well worth it to see the show!!!
Of course one of the reasons some of these first-time visitors came here was because the haunts nearer them happened to be closed tonight!
There was a mixed group in my front room that was So much FUN!
The screams and laughter was so thick it was like a wall of happy sounds, very wild!
A group of four had joined the rest after we had already been through the first ten minutes of the presentation, so we picked on them!
I did THE SAME gag-effect to these four people three times, with almost the same reactions each time!!!???
Everyone was laughing, the audience louder, of course than the victims.
The last group drove over 3 hrs. to get here.
A couple of the guys in their group were the "Tough Guys", attempting to be the leaders as they physically lead the rest (to their doom) yet those guys were the absolutely easiest and were the jumpiest, when they reacted all the rest of them followed suit, screaming like insane maniacs.
They would asume the point, being the leader that everyone was looking to for ideas and guidence . "Look at me!" they seem to scream..everyone else does look at them...them I make them scream!!