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10-28-2007, 04:48 PM
I started my haunt season off with Six Flags Great Adventure's FRIGHT FEST which was a big disappointment. The TERROR-BLE Trail sucked, the atmosphere was greatly lacking (which is actually the one thing that Fright Fest does right), the scares were nowhere and a lot of the shows were cheesy. 4/10 on that one. BUT...

Eastern State's: TERROR BEHIND THE WALLS - Friday Oct. 19th

Yard Out - Yard Out was great to hype us up (I went with my cousin and my friend). A lot of actors here. One freeky looking guy had his eye on me and followed us. He was on stilts and then ran after me (like sprinting!) and ran me into a crowd yelling in a creepy as hell voice "RUNNING! RUNNING! RUNNING!" Amazing scare! Amazing job!" Another actor was walking with his back bent through the line scaring people at random and doing tricks. The line took about 15 min. and we were in.

Intake - We hop on the bus. 1 actor inside, but he didn't get us. We move through the chain fence maze with a guard in a tower yelling. We get inside but there werent a lot of actors. Throughout the whole thing I'd say there were about 7 people and I got scared twice.

Lock Down - This section was advertised as new. It replaced Maximum Security. However, it was the biggest disappointment of the night because all it replaced was the name. Everything inside, including the layout, was exactly the same. What is the point of going upstairs and turning around? There were a lot of actors in here, got a lot of scares.

The 13 Rooms - This house had the best design (IMO). The mazes were dark or had a lot of good theming to them. There was quite a lot of suspense built, however, this house had the least actors. I walked for periods of times with no one being there and it was a perfect time for a scare.

The Experiment in 3D - I went through this in 2002 when it first opened and then in 2006. It changed a lot for the better. In 2006 the scares were great and constant and very differently done. This year, it was the same, but once again lack of actors, periods of time walking without anyone being there. Got about 2 good scares.

The Night Watch - Last years new attraction proved to be the most intense part of a haunt I've ever walked through. Scares around every turn. Dark. Flash lights didn't all work (thats actually a good thing). However, this year, the suspense was high. This had the 2nd most high amount of actors, only they weren't doing much. In 2006 we had the best scare of our lives. I won't ruin it completely but it came from up above and totally got us by suprise. A man was sticking out, looking like a plastic dummy, only to drop down and scare the SHIT outta us! This year, in the same place was a girl hissing and clawing. Not too fun. The finale of Night Watch is just a buzzer. It was the same last year as well, only it didn't matter to us because we shit our pants through the whole thing. But this year, it was more present to my senses.

OVERALL: I give ESP a 7/10. Last year I gave it a 10/10. It was perfect for me. It gets a 7 for doing the worst things a haunt could do:


Or maybe I just got it on a bad night? Now, all this money that they collect goes to stabilizing the place, right? So, can they expand? Surely the must be able to! They're using 1/4 of the property, there's gotta be somewhere else for a new part to come up! In 2002 there were 3 sections. By now theres 5.

BLOOD MANOR (NYC), Friday, Oct. 26th

Blood Manor is NYC's 2nd most popular haunt next to Nightmare. Well, Nightmare was sold out so 3 other friends and I went on Friday October 26th. Waited on line from 11:45 to 1:15. The haunt supposedly takes 25-30 min. Was it worth it?



The haunt is amazing. It's set up on the floor of a building above a few clubs. The theming and props are good. They animatronics are even really good too because they're fast and loud (not slow and cheesly like normal haunt animatronics)! The actors are relentless and REALLY good at what they do. They come from EVERYWHERE. The place is filled with actors and the costumes and make up are quite good. Every room, every second there's something. And at point during the haunt it's SO dark that we got lost going in a cirlce. Blood Manor is quite a rush, packs a huge punch. The one complaint about it was that by the last 10 minutes, we caught up with 2 other groups. So we kept trying to stay back and then go in after.

It's actually one of the best haunts I've been to in a long time. It was better than ESP this year and just as good as my 2006 ESP experience. The haunt is open everyday with the last night being Halloween, so if in the city, check it out.

Another sort of good, sort of bad thing is that they don't have time slot tickets. This is good because it the haunt is doesn't get sold out, however, whoever bought the online tickets will have to wait in a long line. This line can reach up to 2 hours.

The other good thing about this haunt is that it CLOSES VERY LATE AND THE MADNESS NEVER STOPS.

9/10! Amazing job guys! I'll be visiting again sometime!