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Mr. Haunt
11-02-2007, 06:39 PM
So for those who are wondering about this topic, what type of legal stuff do we need to sell our product?

Is it an easy or hard process to order and send large packages?

I would limit the orders so that I could keep up on them though.

What would be the best, safest, and easy way to pay for product?


RJ Productions
11-05-2007, 02:36 AM
How about product liability?
You build a prop, I buy it.
I install it in my haunt.
It malfunctions and a patron is hurt.
If I get sued I state, "I didn't build it, bought it."

Is it needed?
You may like it, but will other haunter have a need for your prop.

Will anyone actually buy it?
Haunters are creative by nature.
Many pride themselves on building everything themselves.
Is your prop something that no one can easily duplicate?

Can you build it for a price that people are wiling to buy it at?
You may have a good prop.
But what if it takes you 40 hours to build it? How much is your
time worth? 5 bucks an hour? 10? 15?
Is the prop marketable if labor alone is $400 or $500?
Will you continue to build it if you only clear $5 an hour?

Can people afford it after you factor in development, promotion, marketing, etc.???
A small booth at TW costs you several hundred dollars. If you sell a hundred units that alone adds a couple bucks to each unit. Now yiou have the hotel, meals, transportation, that night at the strip club (hey TW's in Vegas next year, it's an expense!!!!)

My point here is that there are a ton of expenses involved in the production of any product. All of those costs are reflected into the cost. Too many people figure, I can build one of these in a couple hours and I had most of the materials....I can sell these!! Building one might be fun, but what if yiu had to build a hundred??

The prop business is like the haunt business, it looks great from the OUTSIDE, but it's a WHOLE different picture on the INSIDE!!

Good luck!

11-05-2007, 08:30 AM
What type of insurance would one want for this sort of venture? I would think general liability, but correct me if I'm wrong.

Also you mentioned what if it breaks...forget about someone getting hurt, but what if a crucial prop fails and you need it fixed/replaced. Do most of these prop vendors have warranties? I imagine it would be a real pain to do a return if you need to send it freight.