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Gore Galore
11-04-2007, 08:38 AM
I am happy to say Transworld Vegas 2008 will be our 10 year anniversay.
10 years in business is amazing to me.

However being in Vegas brings about some difficulties with it. For one, to keep our expenses down we will be doing cash and carry on every item we take to the show. It will save us alot of money if we don't have to bring any product home.
So, we are hoping our friends can help us with that.
If we can pre-sale these pieces and have our customers take them from the show we will be alot better off.
And to do this we are offering the best show discount we have ever offered, but this is only on show pieces.
So, if you can take costumes from Vegas give me a call and we will work out the details.

Furthermore, we are now accepting off season orders at a 15% discount. If anyone is interesed just drop us a line and we will get your order started immediately.

Thanks to all our customers and we look forward to serving your needs again this season.