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11-04-2007, 10:04 AM
Hi gang, as some of you might know, my attraction Krone House was dark (closed) this year. For various reasons, loss of location, my real job demands, etc. As a matter of fact on Halloween day and night, I was travelling through 4 different airports. I had only been home about 6 days during October, and was a little depressed about missing everything.

I called some of my crew, called my good friends Tony Wolgemuth and Cliff Martin, and went over to North Carolina last night (Saturday 11/3) to get some belated Halloween spirit.

I first want to thank Cliff and Tony for their hospitality, going out of their way to provide us some truly scary fun. They are both tremendously talented people with 1st class attractions, and both have incredible staff and crew.

Our first stop was Kersey Valley Spookywoods (http://www.spookywoods.com). This is truly something to see! A multiple event for one price. THis thing runs like a fine oiled machine. The facilities, theme, sets, and customer value were awesome.

First is a trip through a relatively small, but extremely scary, haunted house to set the mood, this was a great ice breaker. You then are escorted out to a tram that takes you into the dark night to experience all manner of horrid things assaulting you as you ride through the forest. Next is a walk through a cornfield while avoiding the nasty fhings hiding in the corn. Finally you come upon a spectacular Medieval Castle facade that leads into their main attraction.

Wow, this haunt seemed to just keep going. Great scares, fun, incredible sets, and such imagination put to work here. I had four of my guys with me, and we all were a little bummed about not being open this year. Tony invited them to suit up and be extras in the different venues. They were like kids in a candy store, I nearly squirted a little tear on that.

His staff of actors and crew were so friendly and welcoming in true southern hospitality and form. We felt right at home. Tony and Donna Wolgemuth are true friends, and have been for years. I thank them and look forward to seeing Spookywoods next year, truly a phenomenal event.

NEXT, we ran over to one of the most impressive and inspiring haunted attractions anywhere... HACKER HOUSE (http://www.hackerhouse.com). Having seen this attraction every year since the new building was constructed, I am amazed at Cliff Martin's level of creativity that has always increased every year. Adding many new features, this show gets bigger and bigger. I feel this is worthy of the "Scariest Halloween Attractions in America" type television series.

OK, cliff is one of my best friends ever, best EVER, but his show is truly great. What sets his show apart from many others? His actors. This crew are one of the best I have seen anywhere. Always creative, driven, and dedicated to giving the customer what they paid for... the have the beegeebers scared out of them. Half indoor and half outdoor, this haunt ends up in Hacker Town, a place run by psychos and the undead.

My crew, all haunt veterans, screamed and laughed and even clapped a few times while going through this big attraction. We were the next to last group of the season, and the energy was still UP amongst his actors. We hung around with them after closing for a bit and met some of these talented freindly people. They are dedicated and them sure love Cliffy. Cliff has a truly amazing haunt, and I love going there every year.

You see, Cliff, like Tony, they're personally involved with the crew and right in there doing it. Tony still suits up and works the tram ride nearly every night! That's what it takes my friends. That dedication shows in their shows and their staff. We all could learn from these to proud North Carolinians. I am happy to call them my freinds.

Tim Harkleroad
Owner and Operator "The Haunting of Krone House"
Author "The Complete Haunted House Book"

11-05-2007, 08:35 AM
Hi Tim,

It was great fun seeing you and some of your crew. I know the guy I was working with on the Trams had a blast. Man, we scared the shit of out of every tram! It was great fun to get in people's faces and see them scream, I was laughing under my mask. LOL

I appreciate your comments and in this business of haunting I don't see that many owners getting to have fun scaring people. I started doing this for fun in the first place in 1985, so once the show is running I can't wait to jump on the Trams. However, I'm feelilng my legs for days afterwards since I'm not a teenager anymore!

You always have a place to haunt here at Spookywoods anytime!