View Full Version : Haunted House/Attraction Costs

09-30-2006, 09:21 PM
I know there are some haunted houses, haunted attractions, haunted museums, haunted forests, haunted hayrides, etc... Ohh, I forget to add Haunted Graveyards as well...

They usually charge $7.00 to $11.00, so just curious... If you have your own haunted place, how much do you charge per visitor? Well, I always charge $6.00 for an early nite-visitor, BUT I do charge $8.00 for late-nite visitor after 9pm.

Jim Warfield
09-30-2006, 11:20 PM
..and then the 2am visitor who is drunky you can charge whatever he has in his hand and return no change, under the drunken troublemaker no-change policy. (I know a bar that does this, the guy returns the next day, wanting change and gets told, "No change, you were alot to put up with last night." ) ..and he was!

10-03-2006, 09:19 AM
Our rates vary - early riser vs on the night plus we do a family days (scares dumbed down, lights up) 2 adults + kiddies for 22 for the chavs and pram faces.

This was due to the market and wanting to accomodate really young children without the horror and gore.

We do get the primary audience 13-35 but they are likely to be middle class or above.

Because the teen pregnancy rates here are ludicrous it is rare to see a girl/woman over the age of 12 not pushing a pram!! By the time she is 18 she has about 5 all with different fathers. Ditto for the 18 year old male and his 6 ish kids (counting the only ones that he knows about or admits to) ;-)

So if we want to target our core audience of 14-18 year old teens we have to be prepared for their screaming brood!

We used to be more for the older kids 8+ but I got a bit pissed off when I got chavs showing up at 11:00 on Halloween wanting to come in with 5 kids all under 6, two of them crying already but the parents couldn't care less that the show isn't suitable for them and arguing with door staff to let them in. Now I can specify what times they can come. It also stops them from ruining it for everyone else.

How could they possibly enjoy it??!