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11-05-2007, 01:56 PM
anyone ever open their haunt up during other times of the year say like christmas time or anything like that? If so do you change your theme toward the holiday? im thinking about opening up one week during like XMAS and use stuff from the holiday like a evil santa and some other things like that. If anyone has any ideas on this i would love to hear them

damon carson
11-05-2007, 06:46 PM
Theres a fine line about mixing the two. Everybody wants everything nicey nice for xmas! Maybe if you went with a more Charles Dickens theme and use ghosts as your scares?! Rather than an evil Santa. Dont get me wrong that it wouldnt be fun to have an evil Santa. Hell I dressed up as evil Santa last year and terrorized the town cause I was bored! It was a riot. We went to the most decorated part of town and sat and waited for cars to drive by. We just sat there and waived and saw the looks of joy turn into looks of sheer fright! Ha ha Ha! Ya kinda a crazy thing to do but we plan on doing it again this year! Christmas is soooo boring!

11-05-2007, 06:58 PM
hey damon-
what did you use to become the evil santa? mask? makeup? sounds great- that'd be fun

11-05-2007, 07:03 PM
I'm thinking of organizing my second zombiewalk around Christmas time. I did the first one in May and the turnout was fantastic. I'm sure the cold would probably make most want to stay indoors.

Since I won't likely have a horde to work with like last time, I'm thinking door to door zombie christmas carols and food bank collections. In a very open minded part of town, of course. Hold a couple of practices prior to the event to get everyone's pipes in tune and maybe get a little introduction act together. One benefit of having fewer people is that we'll have time to make EVERYONE's make-up look decent. Last time, so many people showed up just to see what we were doing and then decided to participate. We ended up just having to slap them with some gray and a little blood and send them on their way. Not real sure how folks would respond. A couple of doors closed in my face would likely be discouraging. I'll probably try to get it into the papers or on the news so that people will know that we're seriously collecting canned goods dressed as festive corpses and not just teenage kids trying to cause trouble.

Jim Warfield
11-05-2007, 07:28 PM
And all the songs in the Zombie-Caroler's Songbook would have to do with eating meat?
The Oscar Meyer hymm comes first to mind.
"I wish I had an Oscar Meyer Weiner!"
Was there a song concerning"Dead-Thing Pie?"

There have been some successful Christmas houses made from Halloween haunts but the change over was extensive and the theme was , as Damon said :"Nicey-Nice"
Convincing people to pay to see such a display is the hard part(I think?)
You won't be seeing many eager to pay $10-$15 for the privilege. Especially Grandparents brining the little ones. Social Security checks have to buy hamburger instead! (Or cat food? Faux-hamburger)
Mixing Horror with Christmas seems to be something most people wish to avoid from what I have previously read on forums.
Christmas has plenty of bad vibes for alot of people already, I mean did ANYBODY Ever get that special toy they wanted?
How come your siblings got MORE STUFF?
I'd rather be "Smart" than simply "Pretty" or "Cute" or "Little" or "Youngest"..
then I opened my package of "Smart" and the dog already ate it!
That pretty, cute,little, youngest, smart dog!

damon carson
11-06-2007, 08:55 AM
Haunted Hollows it was a pretty basic getup. Just a cheap santa suit put black paint on it to make it look old or like charcoal soot on it. Then latex scars and blood and black cream makeup put on with a stipple sponge. And then some blood in the beard. Also used some blood paste. I have pics but no way to post them or I would. They looked awesome! Oh also some black tooth wax. I pretty much looked like the evil santa on the tales from the crypt epidsode. Also a old gunny sack bloodsoaked with body parts sticking out. Oh I need a bloody axe to ring in holiday jeer this year! Brewhahaha! God am I evil or what? LOL!

Jim Warfield
11-06-2007, 06:21 PM
Congratulations Damon! You got it right, Jack Skellington couldn't get it right, he muffed that attempt to make the two holidays work together.
...so then as kids enter the haunted house, they are expecting to be given a gift, later they come running, screaming out .
"What is your gift?"
"A human hand! My own, handed to me after Mister Choppy!"
"Poor kid !"
"Now he will have to learn how to pick his nose all over again!"
"And that other thing too!"
"What other thing?"
"At the other end.'

11-07-2007, 11:05 AM
To do Xmas it does have to be cute. Flip your wall panels and paint them for Xmas, repurpose what you can ... store the rest.

When it's over, flip your panels back ... what you repurposed, put back. Bring everything out of storage.

It's totally possible with good plans.