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09-30-2006, 10:39 PM
Castle Blood is on the air!

We are pleased to announce that Castle Bloodís Midnight Monster Hop will begin airing this Saturday October 7th at Midnight on HSTV Channel 19, on the atlantic broadband cable system in parts of 5 counties south of Pittsburgh PA.

Picking up on the long and proud Pittsburgh area tradition of great horror hosting shows started by Chilly Billy Cardille, The Hop will be a mix of Ďclassicí old movies and segments from the denizens of Castle Blood.

Those of you familiar with Castle Blood will see all your old friends, and we hope youíll be pleased that the same care and effort that goes into the Castle,will be evident on the TV show as well.

For a sneak peak at our opening credits, please visit our myspace page at

and friend us if you like it.
If you arenít on myspace, visit youtube.com and just search for Castle Blood

We feature spooky themed music videos on the show, and are hoping to add video clips of other haunts around the country. Please let us know if youíre interested. Horror Hotel is featured in our first episode.

For those of you outside of our viewing area, we hope to have dvdís of the show available by Christmas.

Thanks , and remember,
Itís Midnight Somewhere!


Dan Faupel
10-26-2006, 09:03 AM
Very cool Ricky!...I remember you talking about that at MHC..nice to see that it came to fruition for you guys.....I wish we could pick that up out here in StL!