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11-11-2007, 04:22 PM
For next year i am creating a couple new rooms to join my haunt.
i need help on ideas for creating them. these are the rooms that will be joining our haunt next year, chainsaw alleyway and the body pit.
i am not sure how to go about making these rooms that is why i am asking for your help.
what scares should i add to them?
i want to add at least one animation to the body bit room that i have in mind.
Any opinions or the contribution of ideas would be greatly appreciated
Thanks Much!!


Here is my email: violinistwoes@hotmail.com

Jim Warfield
11-11-2007, 05:45 PM
SIGN: You are now entering THE BODY PIT

There is an 8 ft. tall deoderant roll-on container.
"What?" (they say.)
As they walk passed it from the inside of the deoderant container steps the ugly. hairy, armpit monster! (Complete with a phalanx of singing warts! "YOWW!"
Height for the armpit monster is mostly arm with a hand on it , looking down it gets larger and very much overly large (big enough to hide a full-sized human bean in (it is a costume!)
The armpit took over the rest of it's host body, the head has shrunk down to almost armpit-wart size, almost goes unnoticed.
Shreds of undershirt material dangle as wirey armpit hair flares out amidst the confusion of movement.