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10-02-2006, 11:13 PM
geez o man, talk about being treated like royalty... the screamline boys took a little trip out to wisconsin to visit our great friends Timmer and Ann Marie Gavinski who own "MORGAN MANOR" in Waukesha WI.. These guys, the cast and crew of the manor gave us such a great time we have agreed to come back again next year for more fun and scares.
The haunt is laid out beautifully...the scenes are decorated to the nines....and the actors are full of pi$$ and vinegar (and thats a good thing)...and the owners/operators have a true love for what they are doing and it shows through in every eerie scene...our thanks go out to everyone at Morgan Manor, we appreciate your hospitality and are looking forward to coming out and scaring more patrons with you next year...

the guys at
Screamline Studios

10-03-2006, 07:13 AM
It was a blast to see you guys up in WI again. Morgan Manor Rocked and Tim and Ann-Marie did an excellent job.

The Sets, detail, actors and full effect were as perfect as they could be. And I am speaking from seeing it a few times through...in fact I think we went through like 3 or 4 times that night.

We would also like to thank Morgan Manor for inviting Rotting Flesh Radio to the event on opening night to cover it and record, take photos and do interviews.

We have a ton of pictures of the Screamline Guys, Geoff Beck, and the Attraction, 3 seperate audio walk throughs, and more. We will do a full review, with clips, interviews and also photos posted on the R.F.R. site this friday. (oh, an all new R.F.R. site is coming on friday too.)

Horrificus kicked, and so did Steve in his Zombie Crazed getup, and Geoff was working the outside and inside pretty good.

Thanks Morgan Manor and Screamline you guys kicked some major....

Morgan Manor rocked... http://www.nightmares4u.com