View Full Version : Severed Body Illusion Box For Sale

11-16-2007, 08:01 PM

I am selling some props and panels, and one prop is the classic severed torso illusion. I custom built this for my show, Pigman's Lair, and am ready to part ways with it. It comes with lights, attached guts, and a fog machine. (I also will throw in a 4x4x3 black wood stand) Sitting on the stand, properly lit, with good sound, fog coming out, and a great actor in costume, this is quite an imposing and entertaining scene for your show! I have pictures and more descriptions on my website:


Any reasonable offer will be accepted. It is very bulky- no deliveries, pick up only. I live in Chelsea, MI which is about 15 minutes West of Ann Arbor.


Chip "Pigman" DeLong