View Full Version : I'm So Lucky! ..What Did you Say?

Jim Warfield
11-16-2007, 09:19 PM
Tonight a bunch of 14 yr."SCREAM!!" old girls, spontaneous screamers were here, none of them had ever been here before. "SCREAM!"
they only live "SCREAM!", 35 miles away "SCREAM!" I think Grandma brought them all here "SCREAM!"
Lucky for me SCREAM! they were joined by an adult couple and another teenage girl "Scream!"
The woman turned out to be a previous haunt-worker who decided that she wanted to scare these SCREAMER girls. Pretty funny, huh? hahahahah!
As the SCREAMER girls were all entering another distant room I said, "I think that other blondy girl (the girl with the haunter woman) who went in there first is scaring all the rest of those SCREAMER-girls."

Her Mother, the former haunter said, "I hope so!"

At the tour's conclusion we were discusing haunting. This woman was scaring people one October even though she was very pregnant at the time, she was safely situated in an old hearse and honked it's horn to scare them!