View Full Version : I Try To Help them "Think".

Jim Warfield
11-22-2007, 06:18 AM
As of yesterday the new message on my answering machine tells people to consider the driving conditions (weather) before they plan to invest the time and money to arrive here since it is a 2 1/2 hr. drive from some Chicago area suburbs.
We had fog here the other night that nobody could begin to drive in, then yesterday afternoon the rain became snow and ice (already!).
Some young drivers get shook up driving out here in the night because they run out of lights along the road and at intersections!
Yes, it's dark out here between those picked cornfields!
And it has been "Deer Season" and almost all the deer in Illinois live in this corner of the state. (Ever hit a deer with your car? It isn't fun or cheap to fix, and then those antlers go through your windshield and impale you to the seat! Pretty much an urban myth although it has happened , but rarely)
If I do too good of a job scaring them not to drive here I may lose alittle business but that's better than them losing their life.
Gotta pay attention to the weather this time of the year!