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12-05-2007, 12:18 AM
Pretty soon we will WIPE out the old Yellow pages here on Hauntworld and replace it with an all new system.

The new system will be much like the haunt finder program, and will allow vendors to create profiles, upload photos, you tube videos, and more.

We will have about 50 plus different sections of services you can browse through... it will really help you find vendors, always at your finger tips.

We're getting ready to email and mail about 500 different vendors we have in our database and alert them to create accounts.

I hope this helps the haunt industry find what they need, what they want and what they're looking for. Everything will be at your fingertips with a click of the mouse. It's costing me about 10k to get the whole thing set up but it will be worth it I promise you!

It will also have a built in system to list USED products, you can create an account, upload youtube videos, photos and more for used equipment.

It will be a new tool provided by Hauntworld.com.

As always all listings will be FREE, and such.

Be looking for it soon!

Any suggestions??? Let me know.


12-13-2007, 11:27 PM
Here are a couple images of the new Yellow Pages.

Tell me what you think. Larry

12-13-2007, 11:32 PM
We're also working on another super secret project that will go on line very soon.

It will blow you away!

Also the haunt directory is being totally overhauled to include new features that allow you to upload mp3 so you can add scary music, or say your radio commericals. Also you know how you see your normal listings, soon you will be able to add a small description that will appear with all the listings.

Also all profiles will have blogs, so you can keep your customers updated all year long, and people can sign up for your blog and post on it.

Another cool thing in the works, is that you will have an owners profile on your haunt profile so you can update your blog, add more photos, you tube videos or whatever else you want. I know I promised all of this last year but it's being worked on as we speak.

Another cool thing is on the front page it will show the users of the site, who uploaded the latest videos, photos, or updated their blog. Users will also be able to search haunts by most viewed, most popular, highest ranked, and stuff like that. It will all be coming soon and all the features will work before TW.

Lastly, our secret project will also be onling before TW as well.

I'll keep you updated.


12-15-2007, 10:20 AM
With all of the "HauntRelated" Boards these days, Its quickly becoming confusing......
I visit Hauntworld on a daily basis, rarely if ever hit up HAM,
Myspace, HauntSpace, and Sinisterspace, get more crap postings it seems, Larry
Is this new site going to be like HauntUniverse? RFR seems to be going in the right direction with that one. As long as it doesnt get cluttered with all the crap too. So many sites so lil time.................................

12-15-2007, 12:59 PM
No its not a new site, its just a new section on Hauntworld itself. It will not have its own URL or nothing like that. Right now we have an online vendor directory, but its outdated and doesn't work right.

I'm replacing it all together with a system that works like our haunted house directory. If you're a vendor you can go in create an account, add your company to different sections, upload photos and more.

You talk about all these different sites... there is a big big difference between our site and all those other ones. Hauntworld gets TRAFFIC ... Period!

Right now the site is doing about 50,000 for this month, but it will go up after December to say 250,000 in some months. And in September over 500,000 and in October over 2,000,000 people. If I was going to guess a sites like you mentioned do no more than say 100 visits per day, or something like 5,000 visits a month. Even in off peak months there are days when HW will do over 5,000 in just one day.

All of these other sites are fun sites for some people, but they're not sites that are getting a lot of traffic so they can't really help your business with people who don't already know about you. Most of these sites you talked about just don't get traffic, but they're getting a lot of traffic from the same group of people. Out of all the sites you did mention Haunted Attraction's website would get the most bar none because he has a magazine, been around longer, and has been listings on search engines. HAM leaves all of those sites you mentioned in the dust, and we leave HAM in the dust... but HAM would be the second most traffic haunt site beside ours.

Just because someone puts a site online and even if it looks cool and works great doesn't mean it gets traffic its just a fact. It takes YEARS to get traffic established and its hard work.

Hauntworld has needed a better tool for buyers and sellers for years and finally we're going to get this done. We've been talking about it for years and finally we'll get it done.

The system will create unique URLS and TITLE tags for each page and with Hauntworld's site strength we should create a lot of top listings on different search words on google and yahoo.

What it boils down to is helping a vendor find customers, or helping a potential customer find a vendor. The system will allow you to customize your listing.

Hauntworld has always been about promoting the haunt industry be it haunt directory or buyers/sellers of product. All the entertainment stuff was always secondary and this new system just takes us one step closer to the ultimate goal.


12-15-2007, 02:14 PM
Is there anyway Larry you could get the IAHA involved in this? Also, is there going to be a feature where a buyer could post reviews and rate vendors? I'm excited to see all the new HW.com stuff... it really get me pumped about the new year.

As to these "other" sites... I'd be nice if ALL the site could just merge into one home! Like a "haunters haven"... HAHA! That'd be nice. -Tyler

12-15-2007, 05:02 PM
As the Joker said in the new Dark Knight Trailer... It's all part of the plan! HAHAHA

As for IAHA I don't know why I would involve them with anything I'm doing. They have thier own website. We have just finished entering in over 800 potential haunted house vendors into an excel file. Those vendors will get an email and something in the mail alerting them to listing their company our on site.

We're taking this very serious!

Our new system will create dynamic URL's which will skyrocket to the top of google and yahoo. We plan on sending lots of potential customers to vendors.

Additionally, I have a new secret, and I mean top secret plan to TRIPLE the traffic of Hauntworld.com in 2008. I'm planning on diverting interst from one section of Halloween to haunted houses...you'll see!

As for your other questions... we're incorporating a blog system into every account from your haunted profile to your vendor account to your own profile you'll be able to create on the new Hauntworld.com



Jim Warfield
12-15-2007, 05:32 PM
I dunno? Those yellow pages are way too small for me to read.
I like to do a little reading, but they are too little.
Of course trying to go to braile would leave those bumps on our sceens and catch alot of dust.

12-15-2007, 05:40 PM
Nice... I can't wait now! -Tyler

12-15-2007, 11:35 PM
With all of the "HauntRelated" Boards these days, Its quickly becoming confusing.......

This has been something I have been struggling with more than ever this year. The earlier thread about Jonathan's latest venture really hit home with me and made me think about how I spend my valuable time. The type of Forums that I like to spend time on (such as MOM and others geared towards the Creative Stuff) have become so scattered, and I don't have the time to visit each one.

As a new Haunt Owner, I'd like to partake in the social side of things, which is the reason I have signed up at HauntUniverse... But I need to watch the business/industry end of things to give myself any advantage I can & help me to survive the next few years... THIS is why I am here almost every day.

Tyler mentions above something about merging all sites into one, and although he Laughs after writing it, in a perfect world, that would be possible... in a perfect world...

Larry has (more) big plans, and I'm looking forward to seeing how they play out.


12-16-2007, 12:27 AM

You bring up some great points! For me anyway I have no time for a myspace page, I have no time for a haunted social site... I have kids, a business, and things I like to do on daily basis like play fantasy sports. I have to take my kids to baseball, or basketball practice, take them here, take them there, while I'm trying to make my haunted house bigger better and run our other companies.

Who has time for this stuff...not me! I will tell you this much the focus has to be on your business, the more you can learn the better. I focus all of my free haunted time posting on this forum, because I know when I post something 200 maybe 3000 or maybe more will read it. When someone needs helps with their haunt you're not going to get that on a social site like myspace.

I personally have learned A LOT from these message boards. Hauntworld has had a message board for over 1997 that is ten years going on 11. I can't even believe it to tell you the truth.

I've seen people from these boards be nothing more than teenagers to owning their own haunts, or people with small haunts grow into massive haunts to everything in between.

I focus my time on what counts, and my family, my business, and this website just about does it for me.

Everyone should go where ever they feel they'll get the most for their time, a place where they can learn from people they would call friends.

I'll be right here I'm not going anywhere!!! LOL


12-18-2007, 10:47 PM
Speaking of that Haunt Universe site this is not a program they created in fact anyone can create one of these just for signing up at the site that created the program... http://www.ning.com/

RFR or whomever started this site is just taking a program that anyone can sign up for and created a network. The reason I post this is because maybe its a good idea for you to create your own system on your own site to keep your best actors, your best customers in tune with your event.

I might consider setting up something like this for MYSELF on Scarefest. I don't think I would want to support someone else creating a network system, when you can set up your own that promotes you and your business.

Not trying to say rain on their parade, but actually I'm throwing out a legit idea here, that you would start your own on your own haunted house website. I think this could be a good idea. You could have all your actors, best customers, and anyone in your area who loves your haunted house join your own.

It would really bring some technology to your site and at the same time make your haunted house website active year around.

Any thoughts?

Again the URL is http://www.ning.com/ and again anyone can create a MySpace type of site in a few minutes.

Its a pretty cool program.

I'm just thinking about you promoting your own user group that helps you and your business.

I might do this...tell me what you think.