View Full Version : Have you ever stayed in a real haunted house?

12-11-2007, 10:05 AM
Has anyone ever stayed a night or two in a real haunted house?

My first experience was at the historical/haunted Limp Mansion located in St. Louis MO. Even thought we did not request this particualr room, we were told we rented out the "most huanted room" in the mansion. Our particular room hosted the ghost of a little boy by the name of Zeke whom is said to hide out in the bathroom. I'm not about to get into the completley history of the mansion or the room itself BUT i will add that this place does give off a creepy vibe in certain places...especially when you have the whole mansion to yourself (that's including the absence of staff)!!

damon carson
12-11-2007, 10:52 AM
Yes the Ravens Grin Inn. I spent the night there and let me tell you. If you experienced what I did. I think most of people would have left in the middle of the night. Well that what Jim thinks I did anyway. But I did stay till daylight Jim! LOL!
You just slept in! Hey anybody reading this that hasnt pm'd me or contacted me do so if you own a real haunted commercial haunt. Im trying to put an article together for the next H.W. Mag asap. So put a little in the forum then pm me with everything else.

Jim Warfield
12-11-2007, 12:42 PM
My ex thought we should do this, it was near Thanksgiving and her Mother lived across the river in Maryville so we weren't Just going to see Lemp Mansion.

As we were ordering our supper in the restaurant on Lemp's first floor, we were the only people there.
My ex caught the waiter off-guard when she asked:"When people spend the night here do you guys ever try to scare them?"
"Oh..we..hardly..ever do that!"

(Oh NO! My mind immeadiately pictures us upstairs in bed, it's 9pm, the lights in the room go OUT! Then this guy or some guy from the kitchen comes limping and staggering into our room from one of the many unused doors, he has my Grandma's Halloween make-up on, a flour and water paste smeared all over, he has a cleaver in one hand, he trips over either his own feet or a rug, falls across our bed, the cleaver chops deeply into my thigh and suddenly I'm bleeding to death! Where's that ambulance!!!")

So....it's 9pm...we are in the bed upstairs...THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!!
My ex zips across the bed up next to me, I'm rotating my head checking all of those doors coming into the room, waiting (I like my leg just the way it is, Thank you!)...Then...nothing happens...the lights come back on.

A few minutes later, THEY GO OUT AGAIN!!!! She zips back to my side.

...nothing happens, the lights come back on.......

"Wait a minute, it's the night before Thanksgiving, this is a reastaurant, the kitchen is in the basement they are cooking , kicking circuit breakers."

...but somehow...I "knew" those lights were going OFF at 9pm?

These were the only unusual events when we spent two nights there.