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Dr. Haunt Chamber of Fear
12-12-2007, 06:29 PM
We will sale the entire Haunt - Dr. Haunt's Chamber of Fears for $45,000 (if buyer purchases haunted house before January 1st.

Item Separate Amount
Spinning Vortex Tunnel $8,000.00
8 foot Giant Skelator Pop Up out of Door with trip pad and light $2,000.00
6 Metal Coffins $3,000.00
Old School Wood/Fabric Coffin $500.00
3 Wood Dracula Stle Coffins $1,000.00
30 catacombs Crates $1,500.00
Costume for 80 $1,200.00
Masks for 50 $750.00
Living Room Scene (Fireplace, 2 Couches, Chandeler, Piano) $2,000.00
Kitchen/Hallway Scene (Fridge, Oven, Chandlier, and Pop-Up Table) $1,000.00
Bedroom Scene (Bed/Vanity) $300.00
Kid Room Scene (Toys/craddle/Rocking Chair) $500.00
Bathroom Scene (Tub/Toilet/Sink) $500.00
Menatl Hospital Scene (Bunk Beds, 3 Wheel-Chairs) $1,000.00
Booth Seats for 20 & Restaurant Sign $500.00
Theatre Style Seats & Red Curtians $500.00
Trash Can Machine Gun $500.00
Shock Pads $250.00
Air Cannon $250.00
Camo Netting - covers approx 1,000 square feet $1,000.00
Lot of Snakes (4 different sizes) $500.00
Spiders (1 Big; 4 Large; 3 Medium) $100.00
Animatronic Dog with sound, lights, and trip pad $1,500.00
2 Innocent Angel Statues $2,000.00
Tombstones Lot (Wood & Foam assortment) $100.00
3 Bats $50.00
Wood Bridge $500.00
Hanging Animatronic Kicker $1,000.00
Lot of Rats $200.00
Flying Vampire $1,000.00
Vampy Extreme Tall Costume (adds 3 feet to actor) $750.00
Clown Extreme Tall Costime (adds 3 feet to actor) $750.00
Collectible Evil Annie $5,000.00
Body Part Scene (Plastic Sheeting; Chain; 2 Hanging Bodys; Assort Body Parts) $1,500.00
Sheeting for Walls/Pannels/Ceiling $2,000.00
Table Girl Pop Up $1,000.00
3 Real Body Bags $200.00
Animatomical Man (Chest Open Up) $500.00
Crazy/Creepy Girl (Reaching for Person w/ moveable arms) $500.00
Skinny/ prisoner Old Man $500.00
Lot of Home-Made Dummies (PVC/Wood/Manequins/Etc) w/ Costumes/Mask $1,500.00
Hanging Ghost - 4 $200.00
Dentist Set-Up Scene (Chair, Trash Can, 2 large units) $1,000.00
Mad Scientist Scene (Jars/ Display Case/ Large Light Units/Small Body Parts) $1,000.00
Wall Panels - approx 200 $4,000.00
3 Semi Trailers $7,500.00
Lot of Doors - approx 20 $500.00
Lot of Skeleton Parts & Bods (foam, laytex, and plastic) $3,000.00
Fog Machines - all $1,000.00
Lighting Fixtures - all $3,000.00
Lot of Fire Extinughiers $500.00
Fire Alarm System & Battery Packs $250.00
5 Cash Registers & Credit Card Machine $250.00
Platic Tubbing for Dark Hallway $50.00
Butcher Scene (Body Parts, Saws, Drill Press, Hanging Bloody Body, Man with Intestines) $1,500.00
2 Chainsaws $150.00
Casket Skeleton Animatronic $1,000.00
Flying Skeleton Animcatronic w/ Sound & Hand Held Sensor $1,500.00
Skeleton in Cage Animatronic $1,500.00
Set of 2 Giant Theatre Mask $500.00
Lot of Speakers/Radios $1,000.00
Lot of Air Hoses $500.00
Lot of Animatronic Parts (Trip Pads, Sensors, etc) $1,000.00
Excess Furniture (mattresses, couches, chairs, organ, etc) $500.00
Gates & Fences $1,000.00
Excess Wood $300.00
Haunt Store Items (Vampire Fangs, Handcuffs, Glow Necklaces, Mask, Make-Up) $1,000.00
Working Refriderator $300.00
Lot of Paint & Paint Supplies $200.00
Lot of Extension Cords & Surge Protectors $1,000.00
Lot of Carosel Items $200.00
Lot of Normal Heads - $10 each $300.00
Lot of Designer Heads - $30 each $300.00
Lot of Heads for Wall - $50 each $500.00

Prices above are items for sale on a piece by piece basis.

Serious buyers contact me to do a walk-through (located off I-35 in Gainesville, Texas) or to have photos mailed to you. Contact at drhauntschamberoffear@yahoo.com ASAP!

Dr. Haunt Chamber of Fear
12-28-2007, 06:01 PM
There are 3 days Left for 2007 to buy the entire haunted house including 3 semi-trailers for $45,000. Once we roll into 2008 the price will increase as follows since we will have to pay for use of building space/storage:
January or February 2008 - $55,000
March or April 2008 - $60,000

If we don't sale entire haunt by May then we will run another season and profit $40,000 since we will already be stuck with 2008 building expenses. You will not be able to buy the entire haunt after April 30th - so be advise if you want a great haunt that's ready to go - this is the one. Our Haunted House made fearnets 31 Scariest Places Across America so you know in addition to great actors and costumes we had really neat props/designs.

Contact us via email.

Greg Chrise
12-28-2007, 08:15 PM
1) Non of us retards are ever gonna have $45,000 all at one time. So increasing or decreasing wildly in $10,000 increments isn't going to spark any intrest differently.

2) I don't work well under this kind of pressure.

3) Those of us that trade and sell used haunts (or pieces and parts) generally work around 10 to 20 cents on the dollar and never pay new prices for 10 year old used stuff. If there is something that is valued at $8,000 that is a collectable, you better find a collector. In Texas we are very used to paying $10,000 at auction for attractions that cost $165,000 to build and were in excellent condition.

3 1/4) All of those haunts you saw for sale in the back of Haunted Attraction magazine, never really sold, they were kind of rented out and finally rotted with thos high price tags never finding just the right sucker.

3 1/2) The Fear net video really didn't show anything to speak of and the other 30 entries were in fact home haunts. This gives no credibility to a pro charity haunt located in a college town that sees 4,000 plus customers per year.

4) If you begin releasing hostages unharmed, perhaps we can begin to negotiate. Please tell us your first name.

5) Let me have your attraction and I will give $1000 per year for 45 years to your charity.


Enjoy your 2008 season.

Mr. Haunt
01-01-2008, 08:23 PM
Better yet, you ship it free, I will pay ya $2,000 a year for 40 years

01-02-2008, 06:36 PM
Better yet, you ship it free, I will pay ya $2,000 a year for 40 years

Hey Mr. Haunt, redo your math, that would be double what this guy is originally asking for. lol Maybe it was a math mistake, maybe just sarcasm.

Mr. Haunt
01-03-2008, 10:31 AM
Just a better offer!!!! LOL!

Dr Spooktakular
01-03-2008, 11:18 AM
I have been informed that this haunt has been for sale for 2 or 3 years at varying times and no one has bitten on the deal, that says a lot. If the price dropped to $20,000, I might be tempted. Also, this haunt is also trying to sell off some of their so called high end props, in addition to trying to sell the haunt, so if you've visited/seen the haunt, you may not be getting everything you think.

01-03-2008, 04:03 PM
Yeah,, IMHO, these items will never sell at these prices. I mean, I can buy 6 new coffins for $2700, he is asking $3000 for used ones? I think anyone that has been in this industry knows that haunt props will sell for A LOT less than what it was bought. And then he says the price is going up? LOL As Spooktacular said, MAYBE at $20K

He might make a better profit if he were to sell on ebay piece by piece...

Dr. Haunt Chamber of Fear
01-03-2008, 08:02 PM
The haunt owners decided 2 years ago to get out of the game. They sold some pieces including the electric chair, the electric chair ride, drop down picture, shutter extender, one of the kickers, wall panels, and some sound pieces. Then the other items were rented out to be used for haunt season by the college.

The college decided not to run the haunt in 2008 which means the haunt could either be sold or kept running. You will not find anyone that purchase products from us to feel that they have been violated or lied to. We kept our word and agreement and with majority of the buyers a relationship after the sale in relams of how the season is going.

Everyone understands paying rent and so you understand contracts and the business in of renting a facility on a yearly contract. By not selling the items by December 31st that means we are using the space in 2008 which would entail paying rent, insurance, taxes, etc.

For people interested in buying peices they are welcome to come view the items for sale or get a picture CD (which everything on it is what we have in the haunt). I agree 100% there are people in this business that sale your products or take your money to repair products and never deliver (we have been victims of this ourself) but we are not that type of person. We let people see everything we have and if they wnat to buy they have that right and if they don't want to, no big deal as I said we can run another year.

If you have questions please feel free to contact me, but seriously quit complaining and questioning the goods of the quality if you have never come and seen the products.

extreme evil
08-01-2010, 12:24 AM
Do you have any of this stuff left?

extreme evil
08-01-2010, 12:25 AM
Sorry, if you have any of this left to sell, contact me at tyler952001@yahoo.com

Rick Stanley

Extreme Evil

Dark Attraction
08-01-2010, 07:25 AM
Of course! But due to the cost of storage and inflation, the price is now $235,900,804.00

Any luck with your Angel Investors or Venture Capitalists?

extreme evil
08-01-2010, 08:12 AM
I have a meeting on August 23 2010. The story is they are coming for no other reason than to structure the loan, loan payback and exit plan. They're coming in from California and are only going to be here for an hour?? I remain pessimistic.