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12-18-2007, 10:56 PM
For the longest time I was going to create a user profile on our haunt site, which I'm still going to do, but I'm building everything custom. But everything I'm doing I'm gearing towards helping the haunted house owner sell their attractions and themselves upon haunt going customers. My goal has always been to help haunted house owners sell tickets.

But after viewing this site...http://www.ning.com/ (http://www.ning.com/) (the same system RFR is using to do his own social networking website) I was think you could create one of these yourself for your own haunted house's website. I was thinking what a great way to keep in touch with your actors, best customers, and all those Halloween fans in your area.

It would add a lot of technology to your website, and make it seem like your haunted house has its own little world of support. I'm not all about supporting myspace for my haunted house, nor do I want to spent my time populating someone elses website so they can sell ads or whatever. I'm all about promoting my own haunted houses to potential customers, and grow my reach of haunted customers. I think having a system like this installed to your website and by creating yoru own little social network might help you spread the word about your haunted house through your own website.

I was looking through this program and it seems VERY easy to install and set up.

Does anyone think this would neat thing to set up on your own site?

I know it would be better than a message board, and better than a yahoo group.
Is this something that people think could help them or not?

What say thee...

Technology is going so fast its unreal. As for Myspace, we first had people who became millionaires selling graphics to dress up your myspace pages, now we have companies that let you set up your own myspace website for pennies.


12-18-2007, 11:01 PM
Actually if you go to that site NING you can find other haunted house communities other than Haunted Universe such as this one...


I even found one for haunted house actors... what fun! LOL

Anyway I think it might be a cool idea to create one for your own haunted house. Might be cool!


12-19-2007, 01:41 AM
Many haunts do that. Its a great resource. Another thing many haunts will do is to create a haunt group on a network. Like many hjave started to do on Haunt Universe, you can create a haunt group for your event. Then you have the networking with your event while not having to maintain a site yourself, you can interact with a social network and have your own group as part of that network.

Always great ways to make your event evolve and network with your crew and the industry.

12-19-2007, 03:48 AM
Yeah but that is NOT a good idea... no offense to you and what you have going on. To be honest that is a TERRIBLE idea!!!!

Anyone who has a haunted house already maintaines their own website so that argument is mute. Secondly, the reason why it's such a bad idea to have something set up on your site is that to be honest I found that site to be soooo confusing that I can't make heads or tails of it. For one you can get totally lost on that thing, or worse be exposed to another haunt in your area, or just simply be distracted from the whole point of promoting your haunt or selling a ticket.
I'm suggestion that haunts take that same program, and have thier webmasters set up their own system on their site and create a custom network for themselves on their own sites.

What is best is NOT to set up an account or try to create a network on someone else pages, but create one yourself. I was looking it over...ANY IDIOT could set one up and maintaine it. It looks very very very simple. My point isn't whether or not someone should or shouldn't create an account on your network, but rather create their own network to promote themselves.

As it stands with this program, Haunted Illinios could create a network for his guests, down to the smallest of the smallest haunted house owner and maintain all of those guests on their own website while promoting ONLY their own website.

John, to be honest you want to build traffic so you can sell advertisement. That's cool but at the same time why would someone who's trying to build up their own network to promote their haunted house want to send you traffic so you could sell ads, when they could only promote themselves on their own website while building up traffic??? That one makes no sense.

Bottom line is simple... anyone can set up a network on that website, anyone.

I think the network you set up is cool for your RFR group, but as a network for other haunts to promote to their customers, that is a really bad idea for the haunt owners. You want to first and foremost promote yourself through your own website.

If you had a program that no one else could have or get unless it was through you that is one thing, but now just as you have done, anyone can set up their own system and start building a year around group that chat about their haunt, or halloween, or anything haunted on their website.

Sure it doesn't replace a cool industry nationwide message board or social networking for yourself, but for your guests, your customers it can!

I didn't get to 80,000 paid guests, or selling $300,000.00 in tickets on line from promoting someone else, over myself. That is crazy!

I started off SMALL and I mean REALLY SMALL...SMALLER THAN ANYONE ON THIS WHOLE WEBSITE! I started off building my first haunted house for less than $500.00 and I've made a lot of mistakes along the way, and I mean a ton.

If I knew THEN what I know NOW I'd be a mutliple millionaire, but that is what life is about making mistakes and learning from them. I've be screwed over several times for figures over $100,000.00 and I've done a lot of stupid things that cost the company a lot and I mean a lot of money.

I've always thought I was smarter than the next guy, but sometimes you should do more listening than talking... again I wish I knew then what I know now.

I've learned by doing, the hard knocks way... people can either like me or not like I've never lived my life losing sleep over it one way or the other. Some people call me names I can't spell out here because they're blocked...LOL.

I have opinions, and most of the time they're right, and most of the time people have copied what I've done over and over again. But sometimes I'm wrong as well, but all I do is share my opinions with people, not to hurt, not to be a jerk, but because I really do care.

There are more people who read these forums than post on them, and there are people who would say 'I don't like Larry' but read these forums every single day because there is GOOD information being traded back and forth.

I make videos, keep this site on line, do seminars, produce the magazine not because I have to but because I want to. There is a difference.

You do NOT see ANY ads on this site for ANYONE outside of our industry, no google ads nothing, because I don't care about the money, to junk up my site.

My site is junking enough already! LOL

Right now my mission is to promote how great haunted houses are to ANYONE who will listen... I've done a great job at doing that and MOST in this industry do not know what I do, appreciate what I do, or understand why I do what I do.

But I care! Some people will say I do it because I'm a media hog or something, when in fact I don't even like doing it. When the media does a piece at my haunted house I don't even show up, I let my partner handle it. I do what I feel I need to do to accomplish my mission, to alert people who think haunted houses are for teenagers and nothing more. I want every haunted house in the nation to do 100,000 guests if that is possible. If I can help your haunt in your city I will do it!!!!

I do not want to see someone lose their life savings, nor do I want anyone making the same stupid mistakes I've made, so I tell you why I would not do that or how I would do it. That is just me.

People will say I hate competition or that I don't like something like HAM or RFR or whatever ... the truth is I could care less. It's not what I think about ever.

I know Hauntworld Magazine is better than HAM, because I know the information that goes into a HW magazine is good information and not babble. I know the words that are being typed on these message boards help people, I'm not trying to be a social networking site, nor do I care.

I care about vendors selling product, haunters getting information, and this industry being OVER EXPOSED to the general population.

I don't have to mislead people into thinking I get all these downloads that I don't get, or traffic that isn't there... I am the most brutally honest person you'll ever meet in your life. If I have facts to share I share them! Period!

There are alot of great people out there doing haunted sites from the heart, one being Rick Whitlow. I like what he's doing! Great job! I've told him as I've told everyone I have no problem linking the site and promoting whatever they're doing. Just as you get on these forums, or HAM's forums or whatever and promote your show, I feel that is what what we're doing is all about, which is promoting haunted happenings. I hope your show does well and makes you happy!!! That is important.

At the end of the day what matters most is making a profit from your haunted house, because as Leonard Pickle would say 'if you don't make money you can't play anymore'. This is sooo true... just ask the guys from Atlanta. They'll tell you all about it... In this industry you can make a TON OF money, you can make a full time job out of haunting it is now possible but ONLY if you focus on the right things, and not get caught up in crap that means nothing, like IAHA for example.

People fight over who runs IAHA, when it doesn't mean anything to anyones business... the focus needs to be square on your business, because the ONLY person who will make it successful is YOU! All the Jerrry Springer stuff means nothing to taking your haunt to the next level. And that is a fact!

So in short, what matters is who has the best information, who can help you the most, and what is more important to you. I choose to learn from those who have something to share, I choose to make my haunted house the best I possibly can, and I choose to share what I learn.

12-19-2007, 03:48 AM
Part 2

I like Haunted Attraction Magazine, I think its great, I like what Rick Whitlow is doing that is another great thing, I like the fact that Midwest Haunters Convention focuses on helping haunt owners with seminars, I like Hauntcon giving all these tours of haunted houses, all of this is great stuff.

I'm glad all of these things are being done.

But at the end of the day, don't be offended by anything I say. Signing up for your own personal social network is a fun thing to do, but setting one up on your site for your haunts guests is a bad, no terrible idea.

If someone truely wants to find tools to help them get over the hump, maybe this program can help but only on their own website, and only after setting up their own personal network.

I think it can be a great tool to keeping your actors, and most loyal guests conneted, maybe it would be more work than its worth I dont' know.

I know setting up a MYSPACE page is a TOTAL and I mean a TOTAL waste... traffic from Myspace decreased for me by 80%.

Everything has eaten into MYSPACE from it being a fad, to being getting bored with it and getting back to the real world, to youtube being cooler, to Facebook, to new programs like this one that allow people to complete with them and chip aways at their traffic.

All I know is MYSPACE and the whole concept of MYSPACE does NOT help my business for the cost to my time and my pocket book.

In 2008 I will forget MYSPACE on focus on net marketing that has more local traffic like my cities newspaper, or whatever.

The SINGLE website that sent my business the most traffic was HAUNTWORLD.com. Hauntworld sent me more traffic than Google and Yahoo combined. HauntedHouse.com sent me more traffic than Google and Yahoo combined. Now it's time for me to take another step in promoting my website, and I'll be looking at streams to promote my business locally.

And I might set up my own networking site on my website, and maybe not.

I haven't decided if it will be good thing to let a bunch of people run lose and say whatever they want, because they can do as much damage as good. So I haven't decided.

One thing I know for SURE... I won't be setting up a social network on someone elses site because that is just crazy!

That isn't how you grow YOUR OWN business...sorry!


12-19-2007, 04:22 AM
Good points Larry. You make good points in a long winded way. I agree that if it helps the industry it is best for all. And for an event, vendor or anyone to stay open you need to make money to make that happen. Those are very valid and important points you have made.

But I will say I work in advertising, marketing and business for my everyday job, so I know where you are coming from but I also know alot, been doing it for 12 yrs. from big companies to small.

But my final point is nobody really knows where I am going with a site. I do not sell advertising on Haunt Universe and have no intention to. I don't make money from advertising on sites. Anyone who does know me in this industry knows, I will never go out selling you on ad space. Rev. from my businesses aren't made up from advertising dollars.

We have a major sponsor for HU and that is that. Any other ad is basic google gen. ads (which are leaving soon since they came bundle with the software) or RFR, MHC ads which are there because the site was started by MHC and Myself.

So just to clarify, that is not my end result, and many know me in the industry and know why I do what I do. SIt down, talk with me, get to know me. I am the most outgoing, unbiased person you will meet. I am first to admit I was wrong, or first to give you a hand when you need something.

You make some good points. Point taken. I agree to disagree on some aspects of it. That is the professional thing to do. I have typed too much so I apologize for that everyone.

Keep on rocking with HauntWorld Larry and see you in the Con circuit.

12-19-2007, 09:18 AM
I think that is a really good idea Larry. Many haunts have forums for their actors to stay in touch and this would be a great addition to those. It would also allow your customers to see some of the characters they would be encountering. I am amazed how many people recognize me and other actors because they saw pictures on the website. It is almost like being a celebrity. LOL Having the ability for your characters to create background stories about themselves would just add to the overall experience of going to your attraction and the backstory that you have created for it.

12-19-2007, 10:45 AM
I use Ning. It's simple to set up and change things around. People have control of what they look at.

http://www.hauntedbymemories.com is where I keep mine, plus I'm on a couple other networks.

Greg Chrise
12-19-2007, 11:04 AM

When I complain or ask questions, or am told I really should get a life, I have a few secrets.

I'm not trying to knock any organization or someone attempting to begin a new web empire, but all along there is a fine line between informing those new to this style of business and distracting their precious time with a bunch of crap they will never buy or participate in communities of people they are only 1800 miles away from or take their hard earned cash and throw it in a toilet.

It has taken me my whole life to get out of the rat race and stay out and so I have time to use this site mainly to keep me thinking. Things like Myspace or anything inspired from that idea on a smaller scale are great if you are stuck at home, are a 14 year old girl and you have already done your homework. To the rest of the population, they are having to work long hours, perhaps see if higher level of education will work for them, do some hours of community service, have a hobby, have a life and somehow be able to make the money to pay for this life style they have been in many ways force fed that this is how we do things to succeed in this country.

In the case of little social networking site, I think straight up one of the most fundamental tools of promoting even a small haunt are the actors telling everyone what they are doing, what they saw there and how cool the event is going to be. If you have them all reporting to each other, they aren't out and about in the world organically finding you potential customers, other helpers or building your brand name.

Those serious about finding or pondering the information they seek will go to any means necessary to get their questions asked, even if it means talking in and around me and Jim Warfield.

Now Hauntcon is ranging into the catagory that I'm going to start bitching about IT just like I do Transworld. You are going to spend $1000 on pre haunt tours and $1000 on the travel and basic registration. Yes, you certainly will come away with some friends, aquaintances and see people you always wanted to meet, but, where did that money come from? I work very hard for my money and I'm sure many do. It comes down to doing the smartest thing with limited resources. It has gotten really freaking stupid if you sit back and look at it. I once spent $100 in gas and a lunch to have someone do a seminar on making a $5 lamp from walmart look like it was 50 years old and had a light bulb in it because he had a drill and $3 in spray paint. Big savings, I spent $100 to learn how to make something for $8. Certainly there were other things but that was the bottom line.

I have seen very successful haunts have a total budget of $3,000 over 20 years but this going and doing is now 2/3 of that budget. In a away, a lot of this activity is dragging down the very thing we are all aspiring to increase in awareness, of quality or in actual resources be it trading technical information or what ever. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to selling tickets at the door of an event.

But, it is all a grand experiment. Generally many web site for haunted houses have had a forum for their actors and they rarely got used and faded away. It is one of those things you will never know if it will work until you try, but there are certainly some fundamental decisions to make that are before hand obvious.

In the case of IAHA, great there are people with time and the funds to get there but, how can 50 active people do anything beyond get together and blab about what ever until they see it is just a big time consuming mess. All the while their own events never got started or got dragged down or could have been expanded upon with those spent resources.

A lot of people fade away and why they seperated from all of this is never heard. They have to get back to their regular responcibilities, pay the bills meet or recreate their families or end up haveing to find that better job.

All of this belonging feel great but, when it gets right down to it, how can some retarded kid in Virginia really do anything that is going to help my event beyond making me think. Or does it keep me forever locked in a mental level, a distraction? Thinking about the same things over and over at a retarded level trying to make some sense of some fundamental? Well, sometimes that is where the sparks of genius come from. Things so obvious they have been over looked or not given any serious consideration.

However generating countless layers of sites alll interwoven even with the best intentions only make that discovery of who's naughty or nice, who's retarded or special simply spread out over an even more disfunctional playing field.

So there needs to be some kind of loyalty to where we all met and spent years talking to each other. Or perhaps not intentionally fracturing into more little cliques unless it has a specific purpose and somehow has become popular by organic means. Meaning it isn't all hype but happened over time because those participating found it usefull.

Additionally if an experiment is attempted and it doesn't do something spectacular, pull the plug on it. Don't let non working stuff sit out there being an example of nothing good. Don't let negative distractions keep running and be a drag on the local haunt or the nation wide community.

The more fractured everything is, the harder it is to do it all. So non of it gets done well or continues to prosper even if that gain is simply information.

On the same token, we have all been at this supporting the community thing for a decade. I don't see why people can't directly profit from sponsorship or google ads or what ever but, it is still a balance. It isn't competion so mauch as you can only get so much out of a limited resouce.

So haunting is a 300 million dollar industry? In the big picture of how much money is floating around, that is nothing. You can't name a business that has national name recognition that only does this much business. This is like you have a national franchise of autoparts stores and only open the doors one week of the year. It is one 52nd of any other type of business. So fracturing all of this focus of the helpers, the owners, the artists and the enthusiasts and especially the customers is more of a fragile thing than anyone has articulated.

I can get down of the old school approach because it is stupid to start an organizatrion or have an investigation or what ever. Even though the web is able to be manipulated into being free, is it adding or dragging? Everyone has multiple pages of stuff and certainly hopes something will come of it but few places have held strong as organically haveing traffic and these sites must be supported rather than be worked against.

Right now you could make a living just by having a link farm of all of these sites and the end result would be nothing. Those searching for information get overloaded with crap and never do anything, likely it just becomes a point in their life that they think fondly of back then or it is a big distraction. Or in the case of all that we have going on here, what we learn here actually applies to our other every day businesses and allows us to not have a life. This is either good or bad or we work very hard and have restfull off time activities.

We have some great minds here but, somehow I think they get clouded with hoping to be the next big thing or using the newest of tools or being somebody instead of answering the big community questions for real.

12-19-2007, 11:18 AM
"Things like Myspace or anything inspired from that idea on a smaller scale are great if you are stuck at home, are a 14 year old girl and you have already done your homework."

Well don't I just feel special now. :)

Greg, the big point that you are missing is the fact that people gather information in different way. Not everyone wants to read a forum. Some prefer emails, some prefer networking sites, hell some people still go to the library. I don't see anything new as splintering "our" group as much as I see it as reaching out to more people.

12-19-2007, 12:35 PM
Greg tell us how you really feel? :D

I work 60 hours a week job; I'm renovating a historic building personally and have 2 hobbies that take massive amounts of time. I'm educated and am well past the 14-year mark. But I still find time to visit the sites you say people like me do not.

I use social networks and forums to gather information. They are quick sources to share information on someone else's dime. Especially photos, sound, video, which takes a lot of space and/or bandwidth. I have no guilt cross-linking video or images from MySpace or YouTube.

You spend a lot of time here, yet spout places like this are a waste of time?? I’m confused. Forums are nothing more then second generation social networks (email lists are the first). I’d agree that I wouldn’t take the time to convert my haunted house website to social network because it wouldn’t make sense. Social Networks/Forums are great for general topics (like Halloween), not specific topics (like one haunted house).

Now for RFR/MHC to create Haunt Universe was a great idea. Everyone has a common interest, and can share about their specific haunts. I use it to share Halloween stuff with the masses, but keep my specific site for local information. I use a paranormal social network also. I still have my own non-network paranormal site, but also use a social network to be able to collaborate on data quickly, which is key for any network.

Oh and I go to a brick and mortar library once a week. Gotta keep it real somewhere ;)

12-19-2007, 02:09 PM

Understand my point is NOT to rip your haunted community you set up, but rather only throw out the idea of other people setting up exactly what you and other people have set up already but for themselves on their own website.

So I'm not trying to to get into a debate with you about your site you set up. I think all of those things a great, if they entertain people great. If it gives you something to do great.

But I'm posting against because I think maybe my post was too long and maybe my point was missed.

My point first and foremost is that you do NOT want to set up something like that on someone elses site, you want to set something like that up on your own website. I think that system might be something you could use to create a 'St. Louis Haunted Community' for example, errr I would create a St. Louis Community.

If someone tries it out on their own website I'd love to know the results.

I don't know how much success you would have out of the whole because ALL haunted house websites like my own 'scarefest' just isn't getting traffic right now... maybe 30 people a day.

But I wonder if I had something like that set up for myself on my own website if I would get people coming to my site daily. Don't take this the wrong way but...

Instead of showing people in the industry my new photos of what I'm doing inside the Darkness I could be showing people on my own myspace style community. Hmmm....

Don't get me wrong I would still be sharing with the haunt industry, just a thought. Hmmm... Maybe I'll set one up but I'll have to see.

Does anyone else think this idea could work as a awareness or traffic builder for your own website?

I will tell you this much and I said it several years ago, you have to find ways to keep people checking your website year around. This might be a way, but again would it or could it do more harm than it's worth. Giving people an aveneue to rant and rave about you to a lot of your clients? Hmmmm...


12-19-2007, 02:11 PM
One other piece of info here...

Several years ago I had a message board on both Halloweenproductions and Scarefest.

This was not a great idea, because some people thought that was the way to send you a question, and peoples questions are laid out to everyone, and sometimes you don't think to check it and the questions go un-answered.

The other thing was spam. The other thing was people who hated your haunted ranted and raved on the boards to anyone who would listen.

If you don't check it a lot and I mean a lot it backfired on you.

I wonder if this would be better.



Greg Chrise
12-19-2007, 06:53 PM
As far as forum participation, I'm saying all the local haunt type sites that have a forum get about 3 posts a year, I wan't refering to this forum and my spending so much time here.

Perhaps my confusion is based on having no real time to be an out going poster of major announcements to a buch of friends all over the nation. Or locally I have only two people to get hold of that get hold of the other 40 and they have all a face to face social network. It won't compete with cell phones for the time being.

Larry, you are certainly to a point where publishing photos or videos anywhere you can find would certainly be beneficial to seeing customers and keeping fans as it were. Having one highly successful (or 13) just simply puts the whole topic in everyone's mind nationally as being okay and something to support. Even if the events across the country are not in an arms race of animatronics.

Another part of my confusion is that every operating system has an address book to keep email, it already has a favorites menu to book mark websites to visit. So how does creating this same bit of information in 5 places make anything any better for the individual? Perhaps I'm not getting the regional significance? If I still hailed from Pennsylvania this might all be hot but here in Texas, no one wants to talk with each other more than once a year, face to face at a dinner. Two groups of haunters have been formed and maybe 4 websites keep tabs on where all the haunts are, but they see no traffic and no activity. Hence no real organic intrest.

In Texas, because if inefficiencies everyone still has little mail boxes for contractors to go to and drives from place to place to hand deliver correspondence rather than mail it. No one checks their email or responds to it unless it is going to make them $10 for spending 10 minutes writing. I have joked Jim Warfield that if an email is valued at $10 then Hauntworld now owes him $75,000. In reality, over the years he may have seen 75 people come to his attraction because of forum posts but, they didn't pay $1,000 each to him for a tour.

Todays ponderings for me came down to you have this for free and this for free and this free thing is better than that free thing. I didn't see this kind of competition today in any of the products at the grocery store?

In my earlier example of the Auto parts store, I realized that the store I know it's numbers to cost 2 billion dollars to be able to have enough stores to be at the volume of making 300 million per week. And in a way, we very much have this here where 50 people if they had been paid for their involvement and actual cash flow outlay might have spent 2 billion in resources to finance this 300 million per year. My calculator doesn't go that high but what we are talking break even on a spiritual level 25 years later?

Meanwhile something comes along and is the new product that kills a network or the time people spend devoted to some intrest.

In a way, the locals unwillingness to participate in some wider network actually workls for me. I know and have thought of things they didn't have the time to come up with or consider. I'm watching some new guys who are building a haunt and have built a prop making experiment miles from here no one knows about. They went to HauntCon and came back with all kinds of ideas and have actually figured some thing s out that makes more than having a haunted house, but, of course they want the haunted house. This region is still the more the merrier.

So I drop in on these guys and help them out or give them things that are in my way or collecting dust so they can progress ever so slightly. It's just me or this region, I don't have them on my myspace friends. I don't have them programmed into my cell phone. Like the way things are best done here in a land 20 years behind the rest of the nation, I drive there and see if they are there.

People that are honestly outrageously successful aren't on the computer hours a day. They don't have a daily planner that says from 5 to 5:30 I will find new freinds on mypace or anything that looks like myspace. Or at least it is not common yet for this to be the norm. I'm feeling like it never will be. What people still hold dear is face to face contact. Yet the most respectfull way to be is not to be in their face continously asking for attention when it comes to organic building of relationships electronic or otherwise.

Yes, all of these statements mean I am so wrong as an individual and hence Webby might be confused. I don't consider myself wildly succesful but, successful enough to do what I want to do when I want to.

Addam from Haunted Illinois commented on another thread that I thought all web sites were all the same. Perhaps I do. Who has the patience to search out every function of 500 websites looking for that little wonderful thing with out being classified as having some kind of behavioral bad pattern syndrome. We have had so many forums come and go (not really go) so many ways to social network on the space thing come and be determined as worthless and now here are more ways to spend your time only this time it is so much cooler because it is a smaller group of people who offer no website traffic.

On the web, someone intrestred in traffic goes from haunted attractions then brings in horror movie stuff then ties into video games and they still suck. Somehow the real focus is smeared out a bit. There's a big difference between having 16 pages of good content that built up because the badwidth couldn't handle a single page versus having 16 types of social media all linked together that has none or only local traffic. There's just nothing happening and things like cell phones or driving to a freind's house replace any intended usefulness.

Maybe when they take away all the cars and groceries come to the door this foundation will be the way to communicate. Presently there is nothing new or exciting about it. It might have a certain VIP benefit to some that think they have been let into an exclusive club or something but that's it. For that to happen it needs to be like studio 54 where not everyone that happens by gets in.

Greg Chrise
12-19-2007, 09:41 PM
Myspace is a phenomina because it makes money AND fills a need.

The need is, you are a 14 year old girl, that has done her homework and isn't aloud to be on the phone or the cell phone for hours. This page under adult supervsion is all hers to put glitter fairies and so forth. Where you get the glitter fairy theme is also making money to the tune of 70,000 a month and the highest producer is a 15 year old and her 4 friends. This means she is making the traffic providers that much per month too.

To match this market, you are a band selling to 14 year old girls, Again it doesn't matter if the band actually makes money, just the traffic providers. You can put their tunes on your site untill they realize they have been ripped off and the song is withdrawn by the artist, oh well, need a new song or 10 equals more traffic.

Oh and I got on to talk to suzy and she wasn't on tonight so I clicked on these adds. Mom says I might be able to get an online savings account and a cell phone and learn about money! Yeah!

Sure there are boys wondering what is in the minds of 14 year old girls and perverts and porn stars looking to get the perverts for $4.99 per minute and then players and haters lookin to hook up with the porn stars and then the spammers trying to get you to add your site to their friends list so in 2 weeks time they can turn into porn stars. Oh, and haunted houses are in there somewhere but to no great effect unless you spend thousands for paid search and get back maybe 1.8 return on investment. You still made money but it took lots of money to make some money that maybe could have done better on a different bet.

So, for these sites to remain exciting for even the owners or the sponsors it has to equate to money, not just the love of the haunt industry. I'm sure the more money people make the more resources there will be that really mean something instead of 2500 individual efforts with limited resources or thousands upon thousands of dollars cylcled yearly to keep it alive.

So what is missing in all of this? A haunted dating site where my new girl friend comes from. She is hot, has a car, a job and likes haunted houses and is ready to run away to warm Texas. I have a spare coffin, a hearse to cruise town in and a cute dog.

So you are going to tell me that this is one aspect of more Myspace sites will have? I disagree ahead of time as I already know everyone and they are married or too young for me or hate men. Maybe I could deal with the too young part.

So are there any young women out there that want to take over my haunted empire? To keep me off the internet?

Jim Warfield
12-19-2007, 10:27 PM
I thought to be in a splinter group you should find alot more people with wooden heads, to make a group, that is..
I spend alot of time working on my place, then at night when I am open for house tours I am on-line or here waiting for any customers to arrive.
So...I guess this forum gets my tour-energy sometimes especially when nobody shows up. The bill will be in the mail or have your credit card ready by the phone when I call.
The stuff I build still requires one nail, one screw, one weld at a time, no cheap helpers here, no UFO people, no satan helping.

12-20-2007, 05:20 PM
I was talking with Tony from Spookywoods and he set up his own network for his website in about 20 minutes. Cleary it's as easy as 1, 2, 3... its free and anyone can do it. But I'm worried about exposing my customers or actors or anyone else to a bigger scope where they can find avenues. They can also use the people in your group to trash you, rip on your product and find all your customers.

If you set something like this up for your actors or even participate on one your competition can harvest them all, send them emails and the same goes for your customers.

I don't know if participating on Johnathons version, or your own is a good idea especially if you're inviting outside people to the site. To socialize with friends is one thing but to invite your actors or customers NO WAY, not on a site you can't control.

If you set one up for yourself you atleast have some measure of control of what damage can be done to you, boot people out who are disruptive or whatever.

I'm still trying to decide if this would be a good idea for my own website ... scarefest.com

Should I build a network of haunted house nuts, halloween fans, horror movie people, blah, blah and build them into my network centerered around my haunt. Would that be a good idea? I'm not sure yet. I'm still thinking but if I decide to do it I know that I can set one up in five seconds through this website.

What I WOULD NOT DO is join one of these things thinking you're going to promote your business or encourage people like actors or clients or customers to join it that just works against you in every way you can imagine.

Bottom line if you think this could help you you should start your own, but do NOT promote someone elses when you can promote your own and have total control over it... in the long run its about helping your business. If making friends is what your goals are by all means...

As for myspace I think the whole thing is totally getting played out and I personally don't think it will be that big of a deal in a couple years. Youtube is soooo much cooler!!!

I will NOT keep a myspace page anymore as it doesn't help my business, so its not worth my time. Furthermore I will not advertise ever again on myspace, for the same reason. The effectiveness of marketing through a social network site decreased by 80% from one year to the next.

I predict the whole concept will fall on its face within 24 months.

Its just wearing out and getting watered down. Facebook.com now has PASSED Myspace in traffic almost over night passed it in traffic rank. Now you have this Ning, and they'll surely nibble away and everything will just level out and then start to sink.


Jim Warfield
12-20-2007, 07:03 PM
People don't always have alot of time to search for the thing they are looking for, especially in October when time seems to speed-up.
If I am approached to buy an ad in a local magazine what I always ask is how many pages will be in the magazine?
The odds of someone seeing my ad in a magazine of only 50 to 75 pages seems to be alot more mathematically possible than that same ad in a magazine of 150 pages.
Then I also ask how many copies of the magazine will be printed?
I once had a phone call from a joker wanting to sell me a $1,200 full back-page ad for a magazine that only had 1,000 copies printed!!??
I have always had the suspicion that alot of people who have a whole lot of time to be on -line might just never get up, get in the car and drive to a haunted house.
Providing alot of on-line entertainment in a website may not directly translate into seeing more paying customers.

Greg Chrise
12-20-2007, 09:55 PM
I'm not a real psycologist, I just play one on this forum. If you read your logic, it says no, don't do it 10 times over. I don't see a good reason to do it unless it is some kind of actor perk? And a secret non public loaction, password authorized and select entry.

Jim Warfield
12-20-2007, 11:45 PM
And the main sponser would be a local tatoo parlor because everyone's secret access number would have to be tatooed on them somewhere , reverse-imaged of course to see it in a mirror, keeping it secret when walking around nude at the revival meeting.